Welcome Parents and Students

Week of June 5, 2017

Upcoming Events:

***Monday, June 5th:
We will perform our play, We Come From Everywhere, at
6:30 in the Welby Way Library.  Please make sure your child is outside the library by 6:15, and please eat before you come so students won't be hungry. 
There won't be any refreshments served in the library.
     Since we were only able to rehearse once in the library, we need a few minutes prior to the performance to set up, so please make sure your student is outside the library promptly at 6:15.  Thank you!

If you are taking your child from class early any day this week, please write a note and include it in your child's homework folder.  Please don't rely on your child to verbally give me the information.  We may not be in the room when you want them, they may not be packed up, and I need written documentation to keep on file.  

I also need written documentation for all absences or the computer generates a truant letter to you for an uncleared absence.  I (and our attendance person in the office) can only clear an absence, even if it is for an unexcused reason, if I have written documentation from a parent.  Thank you for your understanding of this district policy. 

 This Week's Math Skills:

Our only homework this week will be math.

***Students who earned at least 10 AR points will have a free homework pass to be used on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I won't give homework on Monday due to the play.

Class Farewell Party:

The party will be first thing in the morning on Friday, June 9.  This time is most convenient for working parents, so please speak to Summer if you have any questions regarding this bittersweet event.

Report Cards:

Report cards will not be sent home until Friday, so if your child is not at school on the last day, you can pick up the report card from the office until the last day they are open.  Sorry, but I don't know their last day at this writing!  

Minimum Days:

Thursday and Friday, June 8 and 9, are minimum days with a
12:30 p.m. dismissal.  Students become very distraught when they think you don't know that it's a minimum day.  Please make sure they understand that you know they get out early, and please tell them where and when you will pick them up.  Thank you!


Both resident and magnet culminations are Wednesday, June 7.

Magnet:  8:15 am.
Resident:  10:35 am.

If one of my students has a sibling in 5th grade and you want my student to attend, please let me know.  My student has to check in with me first.  I have to see the student in class, mark them present, and then they can go.

Kindergarten Bridging Ceremony:

If you are planning on taking siblings to the kindergarten bridging ceremony on Friday, please write me a note and send them to class first so I can mark them present.  I will send them back to the auditorium.  Thank you for understanding this policy!

 Science and Health:


 Computer Lab:



 Upcoming Events:

Notes and Reminders: