Welcome Parents and Students

Week of November 13, 2017

Upcoming Events:

***Urgent!! Only a few days left to donate to our classroom basket for Winter Wonderland.  Our theme is "Hatchimals" and "LOL Dolls."  You can turn in items or donation money to Kathy, Brandi, or the office.  So far they have only received 3 items.  It's a busy time of year, but please remember the deadline is this Friday, November 17!

Our room parent, Kathy Deisinger, emailed all of you regarding our classroom basket for the upcoming Winter Wonderland on December 9.  There are deadlines involved, so please respond accordingly.  If you are not receiving her emails, please let me know and we can check your email address for accuracy.

Thanksgiving break is the week of November 20th.  

Thank you for attending your child's report card conference.  Your children are all working hard to master the many standards for second grade!   

 Notes and Reminders:

My LAUSD email: cas8149@lausd.net

***Please write a note if your child is absent, even if you have personally told me.  LAUSD requires an absence note, and the office keeps them on file.  Thank you.

***If you are taking your child from school early, please write a note and make sure your child knows to give it to me or he/she will not be packed up and ready at the time you arrive in the office to take them.  In addition, each morning I ask students to check their homework folders for notes from parents.  Often they do not know the note is in there, consequently they do not give it to me.


Monday: Math and reading.
Tuesday:  Math and reading
Wednesday:  Math and writing.
Thursday: Math and Scholastic News.

***If your child is absent and you want to request homework, you need to call the office at 818-348-1975 before 10:00 am.  If you email me, I won't see it because I usually do not check my LAUSD email during school hours. 

 Language Arts:

Benchmark Advance: Our unit is Plants and Animals in Their Habitats and our reading will be connected to this theme.
Genres:   Informational Science, Animal Fantasy, and Realistic Fiction.
Phonics: R-controlled vowel spelled /ar/.
Spelling Words:  **Reminder! I will be giving the spelling test in class during this next grading period. Students will be tested on spelling and high frequency words. Words are: car, yard, hard, smart, garden, march, star, farm, shark, large.
High Frequency Words: move, never, once, round, small, their, too, walk, where, year.
Vocabulary: blubber, grasslands, habitat, prairie, savanna, tundra, tropical, shallow, thaws.
Comprehension: Identify key details to help determine the main idea; identify author's purpose; annotate text.
Writing: We will analyze a writing prompt and share ideas for creating a journal entry.



***We begin the week in Lesson 14.  Math Module 3: Place Value, Counting, and Comparison of Numbers to 1000.  ***I sent home Homework Helpers through Lesson 16, and I will make copies and send home the remainder of the module some time this week.

***Many students have either forgotten or have not memorized all the combinations of numbers that equal 10.  Many still don't know the combinations (family of facts) for all of the numbers that are less than 10.  Please practice all of these facts at home to build speed and automaticity.
Examples: 4+6=10; 3+5=8
These facts are vital for adding and subtracting larger numbers and are part of your child's number sense report card score.

***You can access a great deal of helpful Eureka Math parent information on this website:

***Students should access Zearn for reteaching of each day's math skills.  I've moved all students into Module 3, Lesson 16. 

Science and Health:

We are working in our science unit, Solids and Liquids.  We are investigating the properties of solid objects, and we will be building our own objects this week (engineering)!

 Social Studies: 

We are continuing to study  Map Skills.  Although we live in a time of GPS and Google Maps, students still need to know how to locate places on a map. 

 Computer Lab:

We completed letters to community heroes this week.  Please note the grade key and password at the bottom of this column.  Several students continue to have trouble logging on when it's time to practice Typing Tutor.

Please remind your children that they need to use their academic listening skills and perform each step of the weekly computer lesson as soon as Ms. Nair demonstrates it! Students also need to access Typing Tutor to develop keyboarding skills.  If they practice at home, please make sure they follow the lighted fingers displayed on typing tutor, and that they rest their fingers on the home keys.  It's similar to learning to play the piano. 

Grade key: pink
Password: bee


We began a chalk pastel owl, and we still hope to complete it this week.