Welcome Parents and Students

Week of June 4, 2018

Upcoming Events:

***Please visit the Welby Way website and calendar to see all of the exciting upcoming events during the last week of school!

Thank you for attending our play and our Wax Museum.  Your children did a fantastic job performing at both events.

Monday, June 4 - Baskin Robbins Fundraiser

Minimum Days:
June 6 and June 7 -- 12:30 p.m. dismissal times.  Please make sure your child knows where to meet you.  Students think you don't remember that it's a minimum day, and then they all want to go to the office and call you to remind you.

If your child is attending culmination or the Kindergarten Bridging Ceremony, they must first come to class, and you must sign them out in the office. 


 Notes and Reminders:

My LAUSD email: cas8149@lausd.net

Please write a note explaining your child's absence to avoid a truancy notice.  I CAN'T CLEAR YOUR CHILD'S ABSENCE WITHOUT A NOTE SPECIFYING THE REASON FOR THE ABSENCE AND INDICATING THE DAYS OF THE ABSENCE.  Thank you!


Monday: Math

Tuesday: Math
Wednesday:  No homework the rest of the week.  

***Homework is always subject to change!

***If your child is absent and you want to request homework, you need to call the office at 818-348-1975 before 10:00 am.  If you email me, I won't see it because I usually do not check my LAUSD email during school hours. 

 Language Arts:

As I send home Benchmark Advance materials, you can use any incomplete pages or unread stories during the summer.




We will work in Module 8, Shapes, Time, and Fractions, until the last day of school.  In the meantime, please make sure your students continue to work at home counting real coins up to $1.00, make change as if they were buying something less than a dollar, and using pretend bills (or real ones if you don't mind them examining them) to count.  If time allows, I will also teach some of the incomplete parts of Modules 6 and 7.  We still have those modules in our desks.

We are still grappling with how to set up word problems.  Every word problem requires a RDW in order to solve it:  R= Read the question; D= Draw a picture (usually a tape diagram); W= Write a number sentence AND write a statement.  Points are taken off on tests and quizzes that don't include all parts of the RDW process.  Please check your child's homework for accuracy every day!

***You can access a great deal of helpful Eureka Math parent information on this website:

***Students should access Zearn for reteaching of each day's math skills.  I've moved all students into Module 8, and will continue to move them forward if I see they are not following along in my Zearn report.

Science and Health:

Our science unit is Pebbles, Sand, and Silt.  In health, we are studying healthy eating and meal planning.

 Social Studies: 


 Computer Lab:

Your students should practice typing skills during the summer.  Third grade standardized testing requires typing on the computer, and most students in my class type 5 words or less per minute!  

Students need to access Typing Tutor to develop keyboarding skills.  If they practice at home, please make sure they follow the lighted fingers displayed on typing tutor, and that they rest their fingers on the home row keys.  It's similar to learning to play the piano. 

Grade key: pink
Password: bee