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Back-to-School Night

2017 - 2018

Back-to-School Night

August 16, 2017


Welcome and Introduction


Tonight, be sure to: 

  1. Verify your email, on the clipboard that is going around. 
    • If it is not there, send me your email address:
  2. Sign up for a Parent-Teacher Conference (see clipboard).
  3. Volunteer: excellent opportunity to contribute and stay involved (see choices on table).
  4. Write your child a quick note.  You can respond on the back side of the letters that they wrote to you.

Class website:



What We Teach Summary

  • Library visits - once a week.
  • Computer Lab - once a week.
  • PE for 25 minutes each day, Monday-Friday.
  • Buddy Reading with Mrs. T.'s First Grade.
  • Rotation of Science/Social Studies with Room 29, Ms. LemMon.
  • Instrumental Music will begin ________.   All 5th graders participate, whether playing an instrument or joining choir.  The Educational Foundation provides the instruments and salaries for the Music teachers.  Contributions to this program are greatly needed and appreciated.  To participate in the Instrumental Music programs in our middle schools, students are required to play an instrument in Fifth Grade.  The district will be providing a "demo day" assembly for the students to look at instruments and ask questions.


  • Writing:  Narrative, Opinion, Informational pieces.
  • State Report:  this will be an extended project that we will do in class.  Students may need to work at home if they do not work efficiently in class and need to catch up.
  • Book Reports:  I will assign various ways to respond to the literature we will be reading.  It works out to be about 2-3 books a quarter.
  • Science Fair project:  in the Spring.  Required of all Room 32 students.
  • Current Events

Field Trips

  • Foster City Library, September 18, 2017.  8:30am-10:15am.
  • Shoreview Environmental and Recycling Center.
    • Wed., August 30, 2017 from 9:30am-11:30am.  Transportation by bus.
  • CA Academy of Sciences in April with Mrs. Thompson's First Grade (Reading Buddies)
  • de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, TBD
  • Fifth Grade End-of-Year party, usually a Pool Party (date TBD)
  • Outdoor Education - scheduled for April 23-27, 2018 (Monday-Friday).  


Planning begins in February for the Fifth Grade Promotion events: 

  • Fifth Grade t-shirts (?)
  • End-of-year party 
  • Promotion ceremony and reception 
    • Promotion is on the last day of school, June 21, 2018. 
    • Please sign-up on the sheet if you want to be involved in Promotion planning.  
    • Our Room Parents will coordinate the first meeting in January 2018.
Parent-teacher Conferences 
Conferences are November 9-17. 
 There will be minimum days every day for those conference weeks. 
 Be sure to sign up for a conference time tonight. 
Mark the minimum days on your calendar. 
Bring your child to his/her conference; we will discuss their work together.

Classroom parties

  • Halloween, Tuesday, 10/31, a special minimum day.
  • Last day in December  - "Read and feed". After recess.  Snacks, reading and lounging.
  • February 14.  Optional Valentine exchange, cookies.
  • May or June – Reading Buddy Picnic.
  • Others TBA (publishing parties, end of term activities).
The Room Parents and Mrs. S. will plan healthy treats for holiday, publishing, and other class events.

Parent Participation

Thank you for any volunteering you can do.  We will need help for Art in Action, Science Day, chaperoning on field trips, helping in the classroom, donating to our wish list, or helping with events. 

The 'Thursday Envelope' will be sent home weekly.  It will have school fliers and returned papers in it.  Most graded school work will be stored in a binder here at school.  Tests will sent home for your signature and returned to be added to the binder.



The District policy is that ALL chaperones or driver/chaperones (any adult spending time with the children off campus), must be fingerprinted.  Parents cannot show up at field trips unless they are fingerprinted.  The BIES website has more information.


Late lunches 

Forgotten or late lunches are not accepted in the office.  The office is not permitting you to drop them off or deliver them to the classroom.  

If your child forgets lunch he or she will have to buy hot lunch that day and your account will be charged.  

Please get your children into a good habit of remembering lunch when they leave for school in the morning.


The way to celebrate birthdays at school is through our library’s Birthday Book Club.

Please do not bring in any food for the class for your child's birthday.  

Candy, sugary foods and home-baked items are not to be distributed to children at school (birthdays, holidays, class parties, etc…).  


School Motto: "We are kind, we are safe, we are responsible." 

We are continuing the PBIS (Positive Behavior and Intervention Support) program for character development that began last year.

We will develop class rules but my overarching rule is The Golden Rule.  

Behavior consequences

  • Positive Recognition:  teachers will hand out positive action slips when a student is noticed doing something kind, safe or responsible.  Your child will be excited to show you when they receive these.
  • I have the colored tag system on the “How is Your Day?” chart.  When the cards are pulled 3 times for inappropriate behavior or a broken rule, the child will be benched for part of recess.
  • Some inappropriate behavior could send a child to the bench or the AP without the tag system mentioned above.
  • "Yellow Slip":  When a child is benched, he/she takes a yellow slip to the bench at recess and fills it out.  
  • If your child receives 3 yellow slips, then an appointment will be made with the Principal to  discuss the behavior, find support and/or design a consequence.
  • If I send home a yellow slip, please sign it and have your child return it the next day so that I know that you are informed.  I keep a copy on my desk until it is returned, signed by a parent.


District policy for homework is 10 minutes of homework for each grade level; that is 50 minutes for Fifth Grade on weekdays. In addition to this, your child should be reading 20 minutes each night, including weekends.   

We request that your student have a homework planner. Planners can be purchased by the PTA, usually in front of the BIES library for the first few days of the school year.  These planners are similar to the ones they will be using in middle school.


Homework and reminders will be written down in the planners at the end of the day.  

Your child or you can double-check by checking the website, Homework.

Consequences for not turning in homework:  

  • Students must be prepared for class each day.  If homework is missing or late, they can work on it on the bench at recess.  The homework will be due by the next school day.
  • Students can earn HOMEWORK SAVES that can be used to avoid receiving a yellow slip, however, they must still complete the homework by the next day.
  • If there is a reason that your child cannot complete homework, please write me a note.  Your child will not be benched but will be expected to completed it by the next school day.
  • The students will choose homework buddies and exchange phone numbers.  Those names and numbers are taped into their homework folders.  
  • Bringing instruments to class is considered a homework assignment. 
  • Absences - If your child is absent; he/she is responsible for asking for missed work when they return.  There is no need to come to school to pick it up.  The student and I can talk about when it should be turned in. 

FYI, family expenses for events:

  • Promotion approx. $35 (includes Party, t-shirts, ceremony, reception, photo).
  • Field trips $5-10 each.
  • Fund requests $5:  holiday crafts and class parties.