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What Should I Ask Before Hiring a Contractor?

1.  What experience, expertise and/or certification do you have?
  • Goodrich Roofing of Santa Fe is the MOST experienced FOAM & TPO Roofing Contractor in Santa Fe.
  • We are the longest certified foam roofing contractor in Santa Fe.
  • We are skilled in repair and maintenance of most roofing types.
  • Ricardo Sanchez received his BS from UNM and has been trained as an Civil Engineer and can bring some "out of the box" but sound ideas forward.
  • Ricardo is the Qualified Party and holds a GB-98 (a contractors license issued for demonstrated knowledge and experience in residential and commercial projects).
  • Ricardo has more than 25 years of hands on roofing and waterproofing experience in Santa Fe.
  • Ricardo has completed the curriculum for the Building Performance Institute becoming a home energy auditor in 2010.
  • Ricardo has completed Gaco Western's GacoFlex s-20 Level 1 Qualified Applicator (for installing coating over existing roofing) in 2013.
2. Who will be doing the actual work – you personally, your employees, or subcontractors?
  • Ricardo supervises all work.
  • Our foreman, Louie Parson, has been with us for 25 years.  He is onsite while work is being performed.
  • Our foam foreman, Israel Estrada, has been with us 20 years.  He is onsite when ALL spray foam operation are taking place.
  • Other employees are trained and are experienced roofing and waterproofing technicians.
3. How long will the job take?
This question is specific to the job and we can answer it as it applies to your job.

4. What kind of mess, noise, and inconvenience should I expect?
Roofing is noise and messy.
We do our best to minimize both.
See our Home Owner's check list for more info.

5. What problems may come up?
We address all issues promptly.

Roofing can have many-many unseen or hidden conditions.
Every job is difference and unique.  And problems do arise.

Recently we have been finding coated roofs are trapping moisture and rotting the wooden decking.
  • We communicate with you at all phases of the work.
  • If something comes up we include you in the problem solving process.
  • It is the quickest way to keep the project moving forward.
What should I look for in a bid or contract?

1. Fixed price and payment terms
Yes, clear pricing and payment terms are on all proposals.
We accept all major credit cards, processed thru the SQUARE with no additional fees to you.

2. Completion schedule
We can give you a firm start date (dependent upon the weather)  and an approximate number of days to compete the your project.
We try to stay on your job from start until finish.  Occasionally, something may come up were we must pull off your job - for a bit, such as inclement weather or sick key employees.

Our scheduling philosophy is ONE JOB AT A TIME - from start until finished.

3. Specifications on materials used
A materials list is always included on our proposals.

4. Warranties on workmanship and materials
Yes, warranty information and links to sample warranties are on our proposals.

What should a warranty cover?

1. Are there any actions or exceptions that could possibly void the warranty?
Yes, like all Roofing Contractors, we issue a LIMITED WARRANTY.
See our sample warranty "link" included with our emailed proposals.
In a nut shell, our warranty says:  "If the roof leaks, we repair the roof - at no cost."

2. Are there inspection fees to keep the warranty in force?
Our New Foam Roofs require an Annual Roof Inspection & Maintenance Program (ARM) as part of the 10 YEAR Warranty.  We charge for this service (as called out in our proposal).

From our years of experience (looking at our work and studying our competitor's work), we've learned  Foam Roofs REQUIRE Maintenance due to:
  • bird and bees making holes in the foam,
  • and sun damage to the foam and coating.
Our Tar & Gravel and TPO new roofs do NOT require an ARM as part of the warranty.

But, we believe that all roofs should have Annual Roof Inspections & Maintenance to keep your roof in the best condition - thus prolonging your roof and investment.

3. Is it a prorated warranty or does it cover 100% for the full term?
Shingles (the materials) are prorated as part of the manufacture's warranty.
Warranties issued by Goodrich (and not a manufacturer) are not prorated. 

4. Is the warranty transferable to the next homeowner?
Yes, see our warranty for details.


What stands you apart?
  • Goodrich Roofing is a family owned and operated business since 1946.
    • Be honest and price the work fairly.
    • Don't over promise.
    • Complete our work in a timely fashion.
  • We understand that our business is NOT a horse race to the finish.
What would your competition say about you?
  • They would say "I see many of my competitor's roofs and find Goodrich installs GOOD Roofs."
  • They would say "If I was not "in the business," I would only call Goodrich."
What would contractors say about you?
  • Ricardo does what he says.
  • Ricardo is there when needed.
  • Ricardo is there if there is a problem.