Free File Encryption - The highest protection with One-Time Pad

OTP Pro Encryption

FinalCrypt supports the most secure encryption known: One-Time Pad Encryption. OTP encryption keys must be purely random and at least as big as the largest file you encrypt. FinalCrypt's OTP key generator complies to FIPS 140-2 and RFC1750 requirements. Secret Services use OTP Encryption them selves.
How does it work?

FinalCrypt is immediately ready to encrypt. No key-rings, public /  private key-files or passwords required. Simple as ABC:
  1. (Optional) Create your One-Time Pad (OTP) key(s)
  2. Select your One-Time Pad Key file (on the right)
  3. Select items (files / dirs) to en/decrypt (on the left)
  4. Click Encrypt or Decrypt Button (at the bottom)
Windows: download the msi or exe file and install (as Administrator). To run FinalCrypt open the [StartMenu] -> [Ron_de_Jong] -> [FinalCrypt]

Linux: get the deb / rpm file & type:

sudo dpkg -i "Downloads/FinalCrypt*.deb"
sudo rpm -i "Downloads/FinalCrypt*.rpm"

Apple: configure: allow apps from anywhere then get the dmg file and install in map "Applications" and open in launchpad (F4) Note: file managers are a little restricted in OSX


Do a truckload of work encrypting up to four billion files in one go if really needed. Encrypt unlimited size files with unlimited size key files. FinalCrypt was designed to be robust working with large quantities of data
Personal Strength

Imagine a password so big that it encircles the earth several times. Such a humongous password could only come from the built-in OTP Key generator. That is why FinalCrypt works with unlimited sized personal keys. Create any size One-Time Pad Key file.

Keeping you personal data private is an increasingly difficult task in this online world. Therefor we offer free support. Need support? Just ask...

Global Use

FinalCrypt is used worldwide

200,000+ downloads
Used in 100 countries

FinalCrypt is OpenSource and Non-Profit software. Privacy is a human right and should be freely accessible. Available for Windows Mac & Linux (CreativeCommons Public License)
Operational tests Win Mac & Linux
Test type 1 400,000 files (100 GiB)
Test type 2 One-time Pad 430 GiB
10+ TeraBytes successfully tested