Free File Encryption - Encrypt with your personal photo or video file
FinalCrypt is an easy, multi-platform and powerful tool to encrypt your data for free in an original way. It can encrypt any
 file by using a personal image or video file as your encryption key, a method that combines security, speed and simplicity

Prof. Encryption

FinalCrypt supports the most secure encryption known: One-Time-Pad (OTP). OTP allows unlimited key size and  therefor is so unbreakable that it falls under import / export regulations of the "Wassenaar Arrangement" exceeding key lengths of 56 bits (7 bytes). Security agencies (using OTP them selves) invest billions of dollars forcing weak encryption standards like AES (Diffie–Hellman) and influence the big information technology companies tapping our data and distribute spyware
Friendly Interface

FinalCrypt is immediately ready to encrypt. No key-rings, public /  private key-files or passwords required. Simple as ABC:
  1. Select the files you want to encrypt (left)
  2. Select your personal cipher file (right)
  3. Click Encrypt at the bottom
See video "How does FinalCrypt work" (bottom of this page)
Windows download the msi or exe file and install as Administrator. To run FinalCrypt open the [StartMenu] -> [Ron_de_Jong] -> [FinalCrypt]

Linux download the deb / rpm file (depends on package manager) and open a terminal and type:

sudo dpkg -i "Downloads/FinalCrypt*.deb"
sudo rpm -i "Downloads/FinalCrypt*.rpm"

Apple first configure: allow apps from anywhere then download the dmg file and install in map "Applications" and open in launchpad (F4)


Do a truckload of work encrypting up to four billion files in one go if really needed. Encrypt unlimited size files with unlimited size cipher / key files. FinalCrypt was designed to be robust and work with extremely large quantities of data
Personal Strength

Imagine a password so big that it encircles the earth several times. Such an unguessable password could only come from the data inside personal photo or video files. That is why FinalCrypt works with unlimited sized personal ciphers. Just select a large personal photo or video file as your "Cipher" file and encrypt any other personal files with it

Keeping you personal data private is an increasingly difficult task in this online world. Therefor we offer free support. Need support? Just ask...

Global Use

150,000+ downloads
Used in 98 countries


FinalCrypt is OpenSource and Non-Profit software. Privacy is a human right and should be freely accessible. Available for Windows Mac & Linux (CreativeCommons Public License)
Oper. testing on Win Mac & Linux
Test type 1 400,000 files (100 GiB)
Test type 2 One-time Pad 430 GiB
10+ TeraBytes successfully tested