Ron Siegel
Associate Professor

Department of Economics
The Pennsylvania State University

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Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Bounded Rationality

Contact Information

Mailing address:

Department of Economics
The Pennsylvania State University
303 Kern Building
University Park, PA, 16802

My office is Room 412 in Kern

Phone: 814-863-4994

Published and Forthcoming Papers

1. All-Pay Contests.” Econometrica, January 2009, 77(1), 71-92.

2. Asymmetric Contests with Conditional Investments.” American Economic Review, December 2010, 100(5), 2230-2260.

 Online Appendix

3. Participation in Deterministic Contests.” Economics Letters, September 2012, 116(3), 588-592.

4. Adverse Selection and Unraveling in Common-Value Labor Markets,” with Jeffrey Ely. Theoretical Economics, September 2013, 8(3), 801–827.

5. Matching and Price Competition: Beyond Symmetric Linear Costs,” with Julio Gonzalez-Diaz. International Journal of Game Theory, November 2013, 42(4), 835–844.

6. Contests with Productive Effort.” International Journal of Game Theory, August 2014, 43(3), 515-523.

7. Asymmetric Contests with Head Starts and Non-Monotonic Costs.” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, August 2014, 6(3), 59-105.

 Online Appendix, Matlab implementation of all-pay auctions with head starts, Matlab examples.

8. Asymmetric All-Pay Auctions with Interdependent Valuations.” Journal of Economic Theory, September 2014, 153, 684-702.

 Online Appendix, Matlab implementation for general distributions, Matlab implementation for independent distributions, Matlab examples with independent distributions.

9. Reallocation Costs and Efficiency,” with Yuval Salant. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, February 2016, 8(1), 203-227.

10. Large Contests,” with Wojciech Olszewski. Econometrica, March 2016, 84(2), 835-854.

 Online Appendix


Working Papers

11. Contracts with Framing,” with Yuval Salant.

12. Improving Criminal Trials by Reflecting Residual Doubt: Multiple Verdicts and Plea Bargains,” with Bruno Strulovici.

13. Large Contests without Single Crossing,” with Wojciech Olszewski.

14. Effort-Maximizing Contests,” with Wojciech Olszewski.

15. Bid Caps in Large Contests,” with Wojciech Olszewski.

16. Pareto Improvements in the Contest for College Admissions,” with Wojciech Olszewski.


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