Technology to spread the Great News of Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, my EVERYTHING!

    Ron Seman has developed technology in many different fields. This is the portal for the information to be disseminated freely to those working in Christian ministry and at a cost to business consumers. 

    There are many projects under development and we are awaiting responses on manufacturing feasibility and manufacturing costs prior to any description and expected costs and pre-production ordering opportunities.

    Below is just a very partial list of some of the technologies offered to help fund missions:
      Computer and cellular P\Products:       Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac,  Mac Pro 

         Motorola.Com Motorola Droid MAXX HD     

         Samsung.Com Samsung Galaxy S2
         Samsung.Com Samsung Galaxy S3

       Samsung Galaxy S4

         Samsung.Com Samsung Galaxy Note II
    Cell phone carriers in order of personal recommendation and preference!:

         CrownAudio.Com Crown Amplifiers

         JBL Professional Components Professional sound reinforcement systems from halls to stadiums

         JBL.COM JBL consumer division from the tabletop to room

    Please use the contact information to submit questions.

    Thank you.

    Ron Seman 

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