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King of The Rapids


King of the Rapids












Ronald C. Seman


King of the Rapids









King of the Rapids




A parable about the King of Kings



Ronald C. Seman









Ó2003-2010 by Ronald C. Seman

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Thanks to my wife Susan and son Christian for their support.  Thanks to the unknown but not forgotten man from First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN, who walked tirelessly with his daughter door to door in 1974 and led me to Christ Jesus, and to Betsy and Jim who helped me grow closer to Him.

















The purpose of this book is to explain in a parable how someone from so high a place loved us and came to save us by dying for our sins. I hope that it makes us feel loved so that we can love ourselves so that we can love our neighbor as we love ourselves.


In brief, the story is about a King who rescues a boy. The boy’s life is changed forevermore.


umping at the opportunity to visit those in his kingdom, the King planned to leave his

 castle to come and visit with those that he rules. The King’s throne was on a clear 

crystal floor encircled with a rainbow of colors with seven lamp stands. He stepped off 

his throne and walked through his castle and outside to the King’s barn.


The King walked into his barn, which had the aroma of all of the King’s animals. The roof

above it was supported by three large T-shaped cross support beams. At the foot of the 

middle beam was his beautiful, strong, white horse eating out of a manger. The King’s

horse filled up to have enough strength for the journey.





nthusiastically the King took the long journey down into the village to visit with the

 people of his Kingdom. As he entered the village, people stopped what they were

 doing and with great enthusiasm waived their arms and brooms and anything else

 that they might be holding and smiled at him. They shouted, “Blessed is the King!”


The King noticed a woman at a well and lowered himself off of his horse. He sat down,

 tired from his journey, and asked her for a drink of water. He asked to meet her husband 

but she wasn’t married. He talked about her past and she was amazed at all he knew

 about her.


The King had his guards get some food and find an upper room. They all gathered in the

 room. Surprisingly the King washed the feet of his men, as the trip stirred up much dust.

 He gave thanks and they broke bread together and had a small amount of wine. He then

 left the house and headed back toward his castle.



uperbly planned on the outskirts of the village was a garden in which an old man

 was talking to a boy. The boy had come there to eat, as he had no family to take

 care of him and was hungry. The old man said to the boy, “You may eat from any

 tree in the garden except for this one,” as the old man knew that the fruit would not

 be good for him. “It will lead you to cause trouble and die,” said the old man. The tree to stay

 away from was close to the cliff, where the road below leading to and from the castle was.

 The tree was in the middle row and some of it’s branches reached out nearest to the road





nsupervised, as the old man left to go to another part of the garden, the boy had a

 thought come into his mind that surely the fruit won’t cause him harm. It was very

 pleasing to the eye and perhaps it would be the best tasting! The boy quickly

 climbed up the tree. When he was in the tree he looked down between two

 branches, which formed somewhat of a cross. Through the crossing arms he saw the King

 riding on his white horse and his men leaving the village.


The boy snatched the fruit down and bit into it. It had an awful taste! He was so mad at

 the old man. He would have thrown it at the old man if he were around. The boy’s eyes

 were opened to evil. The boy saw the King below and he got the wicked thought of

 throwing the bad fruit at the King. He took careful aim and threw it at the King and hit the

 King right on his foot at his heel.


Three of the King’s guards looked up and quickly got their horses galloping off to see who

 threw this fruit that struck their King. The boy had great fear that the old man would see

 him and turn him in to the King or that the King’s men would get him. As the boy was

 quickly trying to get down the tree he fell. He laid there in the dirt motionless.


The boy in a great panic heard the guards getting closer and closer in the garden. What

 could he do to hide? He ran from the tree and hid under some old fig leaves and

 branches. His terrified eyes peeked out and saw the men and their horses race by him.


The old man heard the disturbance and called for the boy, “Where are you?”  The boy

 said, “I heard you in the garden and I was afraid.”  The old man came over and saw the

 boy hiding in the leaves. He asked the boy, “What is this that you have done?” The old

 man gave him a blanket to wear as it would be cold tonight. The old man then banished

 him from the garden.


The boy realized that he could never see the old man again. He ran down a hill and tripped

 on a stone and rolled down the big hill. As he came to a stop he saw the bright sun on

 one side and the dark forest on the other. The boy ran frantically away from those that

 were looking for him. He went into the dark forest. He was getting further and further

 away from the light so he could hide in the darkness.


The King wasn’t seriously hurt but did suffer a bruised heel from the fruit thrown from

 such a height from the tree upon the hill. He went to a more secluded place to rest from

 the excitement. He found another garden. The old man met him there and they talked.

 The King’s men napped as they were so tired from the trip and the ordeal. A white dove in

 a tree looked over them.


At that very moment the old man and the King spotted the boy climbing on a tree to get

 over the river and out of the dark forest. The old man and the King saw the boy go out on

 a limb and saw it snap and the boy plunge down into the raging rapid river.



aving the boy was the one and all consuming thought on his mind. The King knew

 that he was the only one who could save the fallen boy. The old man knew what

 the King was thinking and with out speaking nodded to the King in agreement, as

 this was the only way.  The King took off with full speed to save him. The dove in

 the tree also descended and followed closely the King on his rescue mission. The King raced

 down a path next to a farm field. The ground was hard packed and the farmer’s seeds were

 just resting on the hard packed soil. Birds were there and scattered as the King’s horse came

 through. He slowed for nothing!


The King rode as near to the river as possible. The hard-packed pathway started veering

 to the right away from the river. The King turned to the left and went slower over more

 rocky soil to get closer to the river.  He needed to get even closer to the river to save the

 boy. He had to ride through thorny bushes and thistles, which whipped and stripped him

 of his fancy coat and his crown.


The King quickly spotted the boy holding onto for dear life the very branch which let him

 down into the raging, rapid river. The King had to figure a way to reach the boy, as he

 knew he could not save himself. He needed to get ahead of the boy so that the boy would

 come to him to get saved.


As the horse galloped fast again the King stood high with his hands lifted over his head

 and reached for a large branch on a tree. As he got a hold of it the branch snapped off

 the tree and he was abruptly thrown back off the horse to the ground. Bleeding and sore, 

the King still pursued the boy.


He got up off the ground with the heavy branch on his shoulder and went to the cliff at the

 edge of the raging rapid river.

He jumped off the cliff into the river holding the large branch over his head.  The King

 plunged below the water still holding the branch over his head. Several of the King’s guards

 arrived at the top of the cliff and saw the King rising from the water, who was still trying to

 give the boy a chance for life. The King surfaced from the water holding his branch over his

 head, just in time to wedge himself with his arms around the branch in between two large

 rocks in the river, hoping to stop the boy from plunging over the waterfall to his death.


      Suddenly the white dove that was shadowing the King swooped down to be just above the

 boy, as if to whisper to him, as the boy continued to be tossed up, down, and twirled left and

 right down the rapid river. Meanwhile the King’s mouth was wide-open shouting to the boy,



      The boy’s branch caught on the King’s branch and jammed into it knocking the King down

 the rapid river but keeping the boy safe on the crossed branches and rocks. The King was

 thrown by the rapid river over the large waterfall to his death.


The King’s guards, up on the cliff, saw all that had happened. One of the King’s guards

 said, “Certainly this King was the finest man whoever lived!” They vowed to tell about

 their King.


      The boy climbed over the branch to the rock and jumped from the rock to the base of the

 small cliff.  A hand reached down to help him get up from the shore of the river. It was the

 old man and he pulled the boy up to him. The boy said to the old man, “Aren’t you mad at

 me?”  The old man put his hands on both the boy’s shoulders and looked eye to eye as the

 boy stood on level ground and said, “If the King loved you enough to forgive you, then so do

 I. Do you believe that the King loved you enough to save you and forgive you?” The boy said

, “Yes. I do believe.” The old man then said, “So do I. When the time is right you can come

 and live with me forever.” The boy was hugged so hard and he had never, ever felt so loved

 in all his life.


       And yet the beginning of forever…

Appendix # 1 -Some questions upon completion of the story:


Are you surviving life’s rapids?


Are you being tossed up and down?


Do you not even know which way is up or down?


Are you spun around and directionless in the un-chartered waters?


Are you down so deep that darkness is all around you?


Are you being beat up by the hard rocks?


Are you bruised and battered?


Is the water up to your neck or over your head?


Are you cold and wet but still not cleansed?


Have you lost your grip again and again?


Are you gasping for air?


Are you frantically paddling and going the wrong direction?


Is everything and everyone out of reach for you?


Is your life jacket on shore on a dusty shelf?


Are you forgotten?


Are you eclipsed from the Son?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Jesus, the King of Kings and the King of

 the Rapids can and will help you. Say this prayer but even more importantly live this prayer.


Dear Heavenly Father I come to you in prayer asking for the forgiveness of my Sins.  I confess with my mouth and believe with my heart that Jesus is your Son and that He died on the Cross so that I might be forgiven of my sins and have eternal life in Heaven with You, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Father, I believe that Jesus rose from the dead and I ask you right now to come in to my life and be my personal Lord and Savior.


I know that you will leave the Counselor of Truth, the Holy Spirit, as a deposit for the glory I will one day see in Heaven. My body will now be a living temple for that awesome Holy Spirit. With the counseling of the Holy Spirit I have the power to break the bondage of sin that I have lived under since birth. Without the Holy Spirit I am not strong enough nor wise enough to break the bond between human nature and sin. The Holy Spirit brought Jesus back from the dead and can easily bring me back from the dead lifestyle I have lived.


I repent of my Sins and will worship you forever more in everything I do both on earth and in heaven! There is no truth greater than Your Word. I am now cleansed by the Blood of Jesus.
I am born again to live the life that You wanted me to live from the very beginning.


I pray this in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.        [Please send an email to KingOfTheRapids@Comcast.Net if you said this prayer!]


Appendix # 2 -Some analogies between the story and the Bible:


-        The King is the King of Kings = Jesus. (1Timothy 6:14-15)


-        The King’s throne is Jesus’ throne in heaven. (Revelation 4:1-)


-        The King’s horse ate from a manger. Jesus was laid in a manger after birth. (Luke 2:7)


-   The King rode on a white horse. Jesus will come on  

     a white horse not as a lamb but as a warrior.

     (Revelation 19:11)


-        The King’s horse ate for the long journey as the Israelites ate manna. (Exodus 16:31)


-        Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem and this King rode a horse. (Matthew 21:7)


-        As the King enters the village the people wave and smile as they did for Jesus on Palm Sunday. (Matthew 21:9)


-   The people said, “Blessed is this King.” When Jesus rode the donkey in the people in Jerusalem said, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”


-        The King talks with a woman at the well like Jesus did with the Samaritan woman in John 4:4. The water the King offers is not the spiritual water for everlasting life that Jesus offers the woman in John 4:13-14.


-        The King had his men get some food as Jesus had his disciples make preparations to celebrate Passover in the upper room. (Mathew 14:15)


-        The King had lunch in the upper room. Jesus had the last supper in the upper room. (Mark 14:15)


-        The King washed his guards feet as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. (John 13:5)


-        The King broke bread and had a small amount of wine as Jesus broke bread and had wine. (John 14:22-23)


-        The boy is a sinner just like us and represents all sinners (Romans 3:23). He happens to be an orphan. We are orphans until we accept Jesus and our spiritual adopted in God The Father’s family. (Romans 8:23)


-        The old man is our Heavenly Father. (Matthew 6:14)


-        The old man’s garden is the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:8)


-        The old man’s tree was in the middle of the garden as the forbidden tree was in the middle of the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:9)


-        The old man had gone for a walk in the garden as God the Father had gone for a walk in the Garden of Eden when Eve and Adam were deceived. (Genesis 2:8)


-        The forbidden fruit is the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:6). Eve took and ate it first and gave it Adam.


-        The boy struck the King’s heel. It was mentioned

    that the serpent (Satan) would  strike at his heel (the    

    crucifixion). (Genesis 3:15)


-        The boy fell from the tree in the garden as we fall when we sin. It hurts others and us. When we loose our balance of discipline we fall. Sinning complicates our life. Sinning can involve great risk taking.


-   When the boy heard the guards coming and the old

     man coming he was afraid as Adam and Eve were

     afraid. Genesis 3:10)

-        The boy covers himself with fig leaves to hide as Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves to hide. (Genesis 3:7)


-        The boy got a blanket from the old man. God the father sacrificed animals to give to Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness. (Genesis 3:21)


-        The old man banishes the boy from the garden as God the Father banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 3:23)


-        The stone the boy trips on is Jesus. (Matthew 21:42-44. Do we build upon the rock of Jesus or do we trip over it as we try to dodge and avoid Him?)


-        The boy saw the sun which was bright as Jesus in the Son of God and is the light. (John 8:12)


-        The King talks to the old man in the other garden as Jesus prayed to His Father in the Garden of Gethsemane. (Matthew 26:36-39)


-        The King’s men slept as Jesus’ disciples kept falling asleep in Gethsemane. (Matthew 26:40)


-        As the King begins his rapid descent the white dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit is with Him all the way. (Matthew 3:16)


-        The King descending from the high mountain to rescue the boy is Jesus descending from heaven to rescue us from sin. (John 13:13)


-        The King, as he is racing to help the boy, goes through the four soil types which Jesus told a parable about. The four types are: great soil (in farm area), hard soil along the path, rocky soil, and among thorns. (Matthew 13:3-23)


-        God said that the earth would produce thorns and thistles because of Adam and Eve’s sin. (Genesis 3:17-18).


-        The King lost his gold crown, and it fell in a thorn bush that looked like a crown of thorns, making us think how Jesus gave up heaven and His father to come to earth to save us. (Matthew 27:29)


-   The King had only one crown but Jesus will have

    many crowns when he rides back on his white   

    horse. (Revelation 19:12)


-        The King racing his horse under the trees and getting hit by the branches reminds us of the scouring that Jesus had. (Matthew 27:30)


-        The King lost much of his clothes which were ripped off from the thorny brushes as Jesus was stripped of his clothing. (Matthew 27:31)


-   The King fell reaching for a branch. Jesus is

     thought to have fallen carrying a cross or was

     traveling too slow for the Roman guards. Roman

     guards told Simon from Cyrene to carry Jesus’

     cross. (Luke 23:26) Jesus pursues us with speed.


-        The King stretches out to reach us as Jesus stretched out on the cross that he died on for each and every one of us. (John 19:30)


-        The King did not judge the boy. There will be two judgments. One judgment is for believers for praise to them (1Cor 4:4-5). The other judgment is the great white throne judgment where unbelievers will be cast into the lake of burning sulfur. (Revelation 21:11-15)


-        The boy can’t save himself as we can’t save ourselves. (Eph 2:3-9)


-   The boy clung to his branch which wouldn’t save

    him. We need to cling to the Root of David, who

    will triumph and not cling to sin. (Revelation 5:5)


-        The King was submerged in water as Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. (Mathew 3:13)


-        The King calls out to the boy as Jesus calls out to us. (John 14:6)


-        The dove descends on the boy as the Holy Spirit filled those who became believers that Jesus came to save us. (Acts 2:4)


-        The King can’t walk on water but Jesus can. (Matthew 14:25)


-        The King can’t stop the roaring water. Jesus calmed the stormy sea. (Matthew 8:23-27)


-        The King was between two rocks to save the boy. Jesus was between two criminals.  One chose to believe that Jesus was his savior and the other didn’t. What will your decision be? Will you choose Jesus and paradise? (Luke 23:32-43).


-        The King’s guards thought surely he was the finest man. The Roman soldier thought that Jesus was surely the Son of God. (Matthew 27:54)


-        The King can’t defy gravity and falls to his death. Jesus came back to life and ascended into Heaven, defying gravity. (Luke 24:51)


-        The King most likely suffered broken bones from the fall over the waterfall. Jesus had no bones broken. (John 19:36)


-        The King suffocated in the deep water of the waterfall. Jesus died of asphyxiation. He could no longer breathe in the air he needed for life. Jesus had the weight of all of the sins of mankind placed in the palms of his hands and He no longer had strength to continue lifting himself up on the cross to grasp for another gasp of air. It was difficult to exhale and even more difficult to inhale a full breath.


-        The boy is saved. We are saved with Jesus. (John 3:16)




-        The King was the only one in the position to be able to save the boy. Similarly Jesus is the only one who can save us. (John 14:3) Saving us is giving us eternal life in the presence of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in Heaven. Everyone has eternal life. The question is will one spend eternity in Heaven worshipping or eternity in Hell suffering.  God created Hell for Satan and those that choose to deny the truth of Jesus. One is either with Jesus or against Him. (Matthew 12:30)  Where are you?


-        The King dies as Jesus died; HOWEVER, Jesus rose on the third day. The King remains dead. (Luke 24:1-9)


-        The King’s guards said that surely he was the finest man. The Roman centurion and other guards saw Jesus die and said that he was surely the son of God. (Matthew 27:54)


-        The boy asked the old man “Aren’t you mad at me?”  God is disrespected (informal dissed) by us and displeased with us when we sin. However, God is a God of love. After Adam and Eve sinned, God did something extraordinary. He sacrificed an animal for them to get skin to make garments to cover Adam and Eve in their nakedness. (Genesis 3:31) This foreshadowed Jesus, the Lamb of God, being sacrificed for all sins for all mankind! Jesus’ blood covers ours sin. We are washed as white as snow. (Isaiah 1:18)  


-        The old man forgives the boy for the trouble he has caused and adopts him as we are adopted into God the Father’s family when we accept Jesus as our savior. (Ephesians 1:5)




Go back and review the paragraph beginnings and notice

   J    E   S    U   S.  


Jesus is proclaimed in every book of the Bible. Enjoy finding him!


                   End of the appendixes




Ron Seman,
Apr 16, 2010, 11:03 AM