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    Jesus is... {Alpha - Omega} {A - Z}

    Jesus is GOOD all the time. ALL THE TIME Jesus is ________?


    Jesus is the ALPHA {Revelation 22:13}



    Jesus is the ADVOCATE {1 John 2:1}


    Jesus is the ALMIGHTY {Revelations 1:8}


    Jesus is the AMEN {Revelation 3:14}


    Jesus is the ANCHOR {Hebrews 6:19}


    Jesus is the AUTHOR OF OUR FAITH {Hebrews 12:2}


    Jesus is the BELOVED {Ephesians 1:6}


    Jesus is the BISHOP OF SOULS {1 Peter 2:25}


    Jesus is the BRANCH {Isaiah 11:1}


    Jesus is the BREAD OF LIFE {John 6:35}


    Jesus is a BREATH GIVER {He blew into the dirt}


    Jesus is BREATH TAKING {He let His own breath be taken away from Him}


    Jesus is the BRIDEGROOM {Matthew 9:15}


    Jesus is the *BRIGHT* MORNING STAR {Revelation 22:16}


    Jesus is CARPENTER {Mark 6:3}


    Jesus is the CHIEF CORNERSTONE {Ephesians 2:20}


    Jesus is CHRIST {2 Peter 1:1}


    Jesus is the CREATOR {Colossians 1:16}


    Jesus is the DAYSPRING {Luke 1:78}


    Jesus is the DOOR {John 10:9}


    Jesus is the EVERLASTING FATHER {Isaiah 9:6}


    Jesus is FAITHFUL {Revelation 3:14}


    Jesus is the FINISHER OF OUR FAITH {Hebrews 12:2}


    Jesus is the GOOD SHEPHERD {John 10:11}


    Jesus is the HEAD OF THE CHURCH {Ephesians 5:23}


    Jesus is the HEALER {Matthew 8:15}


    Jesus is the HIGH PRIEST {Hebrews 6:20}


    Jesus is the HOLY ONE {Mark 1:24}


    Jesus is the I AM {John 8:58}


    Jesus is the IMAGE OF THE INVISIBLE GOD {Colossians 1:15}


    Jesus is IMMANUEL {Matthew 1:23}


    Jesus is the JUDGE {Acts 10:42}


    Jesus is the KING OF KINGS {1 Timothy 6:15}


    Jesus is KING OF THE JEWS {Mark 15:26}


    Jesus is the LAMB OF GOD {John 1:29}


    Jesus is the the LIFE {John 11:25, 14:6}


    Jesus is the *LIGHT* OF THE WORLD {John 8:12}


    Jesus is the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH {Revelation 5:5}


    Jesus is the LIVING WATER {John 4:10}


    Jesus is the LORD OF LORDS { 1 Timothy 6:15}


    Jesus is the MAN OF SORROWS {Isaiah 53:3}


    Jesus is MASTER { Matthew 8:19}


    Jesus is the MEDIATOR {1 Timothy 2:5}


    Jesus is the MESSIAH {Daniel 9:25}


    Jesus was NO SINNER {Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the SAME YESTERDAY, & TODAY, & FOREVER} 


    Jesus is the OMEGA {Revelation 22:13}


    Jesus is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON {John 3:16}


    Jesus is the PRINCE OF PEACE {Isaiah 9:6}


    Jesus is the PROPHET {Matthew 21:11}


    Jesus was a QUESTIONER {Mark 8:29}


    Jesus is the REDEEMER {Job 19:25}


    Jesus is the RESURRECTION {John 11:25}


    Jesus is the ROCK {1 Corinthians 10:14}


    Jesus is the ROSE OF SHARON {Song of Solomon 2:1}


    Jesus Christ is the SAME YESTERDAY, & TODAY, & FOREVER {Hebrews 13:8}


    Jesus is the SAVIOR {John 4:42}


    Jesus is the SERVANT {Matthew 12:18}


    Jesus is SHILOH {Genesis 49:10}


    Jesus is the SON OF MAN {Matthew 20:28}


    Jesus is the SHEPHERD {1 Peter 2:25}


    Jesus is the TEACHER {John 3:2}


    Jesus is the TRUE VINE {John 15:1}


    Jesus is the TRUE WITNESS {Revelation 3:14}


    Jesus is the TRUTH {John 14:6}


    Jesus was UNDENIABLY GOD {John 8:58, 10:30-33}


    Jesus was VENERABLE {Matthew 28:9}


    Jesus is the WAY {John 14:6}


    Jesus is WONDERFUL {Isaiah 9:6}


    Jesus is the WORD {John 1:1}


    Jesus is the WORRY CARRIER {1 Peter 5:7}


    Jesus was XTREME {Matthew 21:12}


    Jesus was YOUNG {Luke 2:11}


    Jesus was ZEALOUS {Luke 19:47}



    Jesus is the OMEGA {Revelation 22:13}


    Jesus is NOT a cosmic vending machine {insert prayer and get request}


    Jesus is WHOM TO YOU? ___________________________?




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