Father Paul A. Seman

    My earthly father, Paul A. Seman, was an inventor and selection engineer in several principal areas:

        1) Antenna design for AM and FM radio and TV antennas

        3) Marantz tube FM tuners:        
      3) Tube preamplifiers like Dynaco:        

        4) Tube amplifiers like Dynaco

         5) Electrovoice 30" subwoofer


    JBL 15" woofer

       7) JBL 15" DL130F full range

      8) JBL 375 midrange driver with horn and compression driver

      9) JBL 075 ring radiator tweeter

      10) Revox A77 Reel to Reel recorder

        11) Walkie talkie designs, the forerunners of cell phones

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