Cyber warfare

Warfare started on land in hand to hand combat and developed using primitive weapons. Warfare moved into the water with the advent of water craft, which could be used to move armies of fighters or supplies around. Warfare took to the skies with kites and then manned and unmanned planes, today commonly known as drones or remotely controlled planes. With travel into space essentially beginning in the late 1950's, this opened up a new frontier of being able to fight in space. Satellites are in space to provide many functions critical today such as:

    0) A key  component for Air Force. Sort of the Holy Spirit eyes and ears:

    1) Communication amongst divisions of the military and allies and even commericial phone use 

    2) Surveillance of the land and sea including underwater. The United States launched a V-2 on October 24, 1946,  which circulated at 65 miles (~343,220 feet) which is considered sub-orbital. An image was taken ever y 1.5 seconds    
        (  Today one can learn more about specifications on civilian satellites about the Geoeye-1 at (

    3) Location of equipment and people via the Global Positioning System developed in 1973 by the United States government (

    4) Satellite phone (non-endorsed sample rental info: (

    5) Satellite internet (non-endorsed sample rental info: (

    6) Weather

    7) Television

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