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Today information technology ranges from the distance of satellites in space into the palm of one's hand and everywhere in between. Typical Churches and ministries are NOT schooled in the effective design and use of technology. I am committed to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the cutting edge of technologies.

Ron Seman 7.11.2011

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 Ministry Resources

Mobile devices:
      Apple  iPod, iPhone, iPad applications

Below are three screen shots while holding the iPhone to three different persons. It is a modified Apple iPhone sample Tesla meter application used to teach about the Holy Spirit.
It functions as a GAUSSMETER which is magnetic field detector. 
GAUSS can mean God Active Using Savior's Spirit ! :)

 XuT = Love (acts of)
                            YuT = Bible study
                                                           ZuT = Prayer 

Google technologies

Personal Computer (Apple and Windows based PC) technologies

World Wide Web technologies (like Facebook, Faithbook, Godbeat.TV, GodTube, MySpace, PalTalk, Skype, Tangle, Twitter, Wikipedia, USTream, YouTube, Zyxter, etc...)

 Key Contacts

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