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Disaster Relief

A disaster such as an EF2 tornado, which hit Chesterton, IN on the night of the first day of public school, 8/19/2009, is a bad enough experience to go through. The aftermath of cleaning up can be time consuming and in some cases financially prohibitive. One's typical home insurance covers the removal of trees if they land on your or your neighbor's house or car but does NOT cover cleanup if the tree just falls on your property or into public property such as Coffee Creek. Ron helped organize volunteers using Google voice technologies. A talk at the Sacred Ground church service at Liberty Bible Church got many Sacred Grounders out and about removing and cleaning debris from over 1,000 trees damaged or destroyed.  In addition the Neigborlink Porter County Organization ( was a great help as was the multi-denominational Sharefest held in October each year.

Ron Seman 6.4.2011

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Tornado in Chesterton - Photo from teenager's phone. Photo appeared in Chesterton Tribune

YouTube Video

Chesterton Middle School - Photo from The Times newspaper

A house with a tree blown into it - Photo from The Times newspaper

An apartment complex on Brown Street in Chesterton - Photo from The Times newspaper

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