Malicious Software

Also Known As:  Malware

Is your computer not running as well as it once did?

I can Help.


Don’t put it off until your computer no longer boots.



A penny of prevention is worth a dollar of cure.

 Especially when it comes to spyware and identity theft.

(It can take many years to fix your credit rating after being a victim of identity theft.)



Malicious software (malware) comes in many forms:

Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware and Rootkits.



Don’t become a victim. Malware can be prevented. 

Ask me how. 



Spyware has become a huge problem over the past few years.

Over 80% of all computers connected to the internet have some form of malware that they are infected with. 

At the same time identity theft has also increased in both occurrence and complexity.


Common symptoms of spyware are:

  • Your computer is running slower and slower.
  • You are getting bombarded with popup ads.
  • Your homepage has been changed without your knowledge or permission, and keeps changing itself back after you correct it.
  • New favorites or bookmarks adding themselves to your list.
  • Mysterious new toolbars or buttons on your browser.
  • You are being "redirected" to questionable websites that you did not intend to visit.
  • Your desktop has been hijacked and now displays a warning message which tries to convince you to purchase some antivirus product, so you can remove the malware that the manufacturer of that product infected you with


If you ever get a pop up window telling you, your computer is infected, and instructing you to “click here to remove spyware,”


 Shut down your computer immediately. 

Call or email me right away, before your private information is compromised.


Warning: There are many spyware\virus removers on the internet that are spyware or trojans themselves. They will compound your problems, rather than help you to remove them.

They will hold your computer hostage, until you pay the ransom to remove them.


For a list of known bad products visit:

For a list of recommended and reputable software...