Home Page of Ronny Wells (Raymond O. Wells, Jr.)

this is the home page of Ronny Wells.  I live with my wife Rena in Boulder, Colorado.

  • I have a new paper which will be published in a Springer volume,Space, Time, and the Limits of Human Understanding, edited by Shyam Wuppuluri, Giancarlo Ghirardi, entitled "The geometry of manifolds and the perception of space."
  • The third edition of Mathematics in Civilization with Howard Resnikoff has now been published (Dover Publications).
  • There is a web page ArXiv.org Postings for some mathematical articles I have posted on ArXiv.org, a preprint service from Cornell University.
  • There is a web page Mathematics References which contains pdf files of historic mathematics papers and books that I have come across and am using in my current historical research. 
  • In the web pages below (Lectures in English or Lectures in German) you will find some of my talks, professional lectures and such on a variety of subjects.  A few of these are in both English and German, but most are in only one language or the other.  Some are variations of a given lecture I gave in different places and at different times
  • The web pages below Publications: Articles and Publications: Books lists my published works.
  • I have  blog site.  Feel free to browse it or subscribe to it at:Ronny Wells Blog
  • I have a homepage at Jacobs University (which is not necessarily up to date).
Feel free to contact me at row@raw.com.