Ronnie Layden Fine Arts
901 Canyon Road – Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 // 505.670.6793 //

Brook and Ronnie painting on Canyon Road in Santa Fe
"If you come to Santa Fe for art (and who doesn't?), consider spending a few hours learning how to make art from Ronnie. 
The experience is completely customized to your interests and learning goals, and the gallery and garden are wonderful places to spend an afternoon. An added bonus? You will experience the art of others in new ways as you search the canvases and palettes of the artists of Santa Fe for the strokes, colors, and perspectives they use to convey the spirit of this beautiful place. I can't think of any better way to rest and rejuvenate. A day at the spa ends when you leave; a day making art leaves the spirit of Santa Fe with you forever." 

Carol Lautenbach
Grand Rapids, MI

If you are planning a trip to Santa Fe, you may be interested in scheduling a private art lesson in drawing, oil-painting or photography. 

Ronnie works with aspiring artists of all ages and abilities. Contact Ronnie Layden Fine Art Gallery and schedule your private lesson today!