"In my oil paintings I am creating tranquil, peaceful compositions of places I have been which have touched my soul. Mixing my colors, the three primaries, I am creating beautiful neutrals that I form into abstract shapes; blending classic with contemporary style. I have devoted my life to creating a body of work that reflects how I view the world. As an artist, one strives to bring forward a vision that is uniquely his own. In my stylized paintings I am recreating tranquil compositions that capture peaceful places that touch my soul. The works found here are just a sample of my oil paintings. 

Please, contact Ronnie Layden Fine Art for more information on my pieces or to commission a new work. I also offer private lessons in oil painting, drawing and photography."  --Ronnie Layden - 2013

The images you see here are just some of the works you will find at Ronnie Layden Fine Art Gallery

Drop by in person to see more of the beautiful works of art created by Ronnie Layden.