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Welcome to my website and thanks for looking and I hope that seeing what I'm doing inspires you to have a go and get involved in what I think is the best sport on the planet.
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About me

 I've been shooting since 22nd January 2011 when I had my first go at the age of 11.  

 I work hard to put forward a serious and professional level of commitment to the sport and do my best be a good ambassador for both my sponsors and clay shooting ,  this is important  to me  and  demonstrated in July 2017 after winning the British Schools National Championships where I was fortunate to be chosen for the front cover and focus of CLAY SHOOTING MAGAZINE. and here is a couple of the professional photos.


Proudly sponsored by 

Dartford Clay Shooting Club 
Southdown Gun Club

 My first registered competition was in August 2012, this is a record of my regional and national championship titles since then.


Junior Champion 2017  


Beretta World Sporting Championships 2017 - Under 18's  Champion

Benelli SP Auto Championships -UNDER 18's Champion 

United Kingdom  BICTSF FITASC Championships 2017 JUNIOR 

United Kingdom  BICTSF COMPAK Championships 2017 JUNIOR 
SILVER taking the BRONZE  (after shoot off)

Kent County FITASC  Junior Champion 2017 

Kent County HELICE Junior Champion 2017

Kent County  STR  Junior Champion 2017 

SE Inter-Counties FITASC Junior Champion 2017 


GMK - Benelli SP Auto Championships 2016

Under  18's   (109  exe  120)

"A"  Class  (109  exe  120)

Kent County COMPAK Junior Champion 2016

Kent County FITASC juniors champion 2016

Kent County Sportrap Junior Championship 2016

"The most important thing in 2016 was my GCSE's , This comes before shooting and I'm happy to say I passed them all with really good grades. School  exams come first and all the hard work payed off as it does with training".


Kent County  CPSA Colt Shooter of the Year 2015

Colt Champion, Clay Shooting Classic 2015

British Open Skeet Colt Champion 2015  (98 exe 100)

English Open Sporting Colts 2015
Silver " d

British Open English Sporting Championships 2015

U -18's, Beretta World Sporting Championships 2015

Kent County "FITASC"  Colt Champion 2015

Kent County "Skeet Doubles Colt Champion" 2015 (Junior)

Kent County "Sportrap" Colt Champion 2015

Kent County "Double Rise"  ColtChampion 2015

Kent County "Compak"  Colt Champion 2015

Kent County Skeet non-toxic Champion 2015

South East of England Sporting Colt Champion 2015

Essex Gun Maters 2015, 3rd Place  runner up Colt


British Open "Sportrap" 2014 2nd place 

Essex Gun Maters 2014 2nd Place Colt

South East of England "Sporting" Champion 2014

Kent County "single Barrel "Champion 2014

Kent County DTL Champion 2014

South East of England  Inter-Counties "DTL" Champion 2014

ShootClay Cup 2014 3rd pace Colt 

Kent County "FITASC" Champion 2014

South East Inter-Counties "FITASC" Champion 2014


British Schools and Young Shots Junior Champion High Gun 2013

South East of England "Sporting" Champion 2013

South East of England "Sportrap" Champion 2013

South East of England "ALL Round" Champion 2013

South East Region "Sporting "Inter Counties Champion 2013

South East Region  Inter-Counties "FITASC"  Champion 2013

Skeet Doubles CPSA English open 3rd Place Colts

Kent County "ALL Round" Champion 2013

Kent County" Sportrap" Champion 2013

Kent County Double Trap  Colt Champion 2013

Kent County "FITASC" Champion 2013

2012 (my first year in competition)

South East Region Inter Counties "FITASC" champion 2012

Kent County" FITASC" Champion 2012

South East of England "Sporting" Champion 2012

My Kit
"exclusively imported by Chris Potter Guns & Country Sports"

 My Home Shooting Grounds are  Dartford Clay Shooting Club  and  Southdown Gun Club
who are both kindly part sponsoring me. if you haven't shot at these grounds then come and have a go as the grounds are fantastic, the targets are 1st class and you will be made welcome by all of the grounds team.

I shot and competed for the 2012, 2013 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Kent County shooting Team and had some of the best shooting experiences ever.  if you are a colt, Junior or an adult its a really good feeling to be able to shoot for your county and to win an inter counties championship title is a real achievement.   

Below is a list of my sponsorship support, all of who I am very grateful too.

I could not do what I am doing without your kind sponsorship assistance and I am very happy to say they have decided to continue and sponsor me for 2017 
Dartford Clay Shooting Club

Air Brake Connections International Ltd Logo


 Other kit I use are PILLA glasses of different shade strength depending on the light and that's about it really as they are the main things.

Cartridges: I use whatever I can afford as I save my winnings to fund my cartridges. I can't expect my parents to pay as they already do enough and gives me a sense of pride to do so.

My Disciplines

I love all shooting disciplines that I have tried but my favorites are all the sporting ones, English Sporting, Sportrap, Compak and FITASC sporting. 

 I do shoot English Skeet now and then and I'm not too bad at that either and won the British Open Colts with a cracking 98/100 on day one of the competition.  

One of my goals is to shoot 100/100 registered Skeet, my current registered PB is 99/100 so need just one more to make the 100 straight club although its not a priority

My Technique
Its always developing, I shoot all disciplines in training and have developed my own stance, hold and technique that works for me.  I have a coach who understands me and that is a real benefit.

As we are not all the same, I have learnt to work with my own body and develop what I have so it works for me,  I ignore any comments from other people as only a good coach and my coach knows how I shoot and what we have done in training to adapt what I have to my best ability.  if I'm shooting consistently good scores and making slow improvements then I'm doing something right.  

 Gold medal, The Clay Shooting Classic 


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