P and O Lloyd,
Op lic no:  PG1059685/SI
P & O Lloyd Limited
 address:                                                            Rhydwen Garage, Bagillt Road, Bagillt,, Flintshire, CH6 6JJ
  and: Abbey Bus Garage, Abbey View Trading Estate, Bagillt Road, Greenfield, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 7EP

 web site :  www.polloydcoaches.co.uk


The partnership of Pryce and Owen Lloyd had been established by 1927 and the main work undertaken for numerous years was to convey workers to and from the industrial works of the area including Shotton steelworks and the various Courtaulds factories in the locality. Traditionally the firm used a large fleet of second hand double deck vehicles involving a wide range of makes and previous operators. These classical deckers were painted in a white colour and of great interest to enthusiasts over the years. In 2005 the business was incorporated as a private limited company and the principal Director is David Lloyd who runs the business on a day to day basis.

The company have a substantial fleet of high capacity school vehicles which operate a number of school and college contracts. In 2003 the firm were involved in the beginning of the demand responsive Deeside Shuttle serving mainly the Deeside Industrial Estate. Their involvement with this service has continued and today the company operates a number of vehicles in the Shuttle livery. In 2015 due to change of funding the Deeside Shuttle was no longer demand responsive but it is now run as a normal timetabled service.

The company operates a private hire service utilising distinctive cream liveried coaches. The route work undertaken by the company has grown over many years and a fleet of Optare Solos are utilised for this work. Most of these vehicles were originally painted in the Flintshire Connections livery of Green, Cream and Maroon. However as this livery is no longer supported by the local authority the company have chosen to paint these vehicles into a similar cream and green livery with the distinctive gold company logo.

Details of the routes operated can be found on the company's website. Link above.


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