Jones Motor Services, Flint


Op lic no: PG1102675/SI
Alun Wynne Jones
 address:   Chester Road, Oakenholt, Flint, CH6 5DZ
website :


The business was founded in 1898 initially as a haulage business by Edward Jones. As paraffin oil was one of the significant items carried the business has since been known as 'Jones the Oil'. The business developed into motorised vehicles and by adding seats to the lorries - passengers were carried.

The works bus services to John Summers and Courtaulds were sold to Crosville in 1936 but the business continued throughout the war and developed to include funeral and wedding cars, a petrol station, car sales (new and used) under the leadership of Gwilym, son of Edward.

The bus and coach part of the business resumed in 1950 with the purchase of a Bedford OB.

The business established a holiday company 'Jones Holidays' involving various U.K. and European tours.  In 2011 whilst Jones Motor Services still ran the holiday business the vehicles and drivers undertaing the tours were provided by Alpine Travel although the feeder for the tours are provided by Jones mainly using the minibuses.  In January 2017 the holiday business was sold to Alpine. 

Today the business is run by Alun Jones, grandson of Edward and in addition to the reduced fleet of buses and minibuses it involves petrol sales and a convenience store. They operate a few school contracts, private hire, a programme of day tours and provide the feeder service for the holiday business.


Photos of the whole fleet can be found by clicking here
Below is the current fleet list of the operator - a historical list of vehicles used by the operator can be found - here