Former GHA Routes

GHA Coaches - Former Routes

Following GHA ceasing to trade on the evening of Wednesday 13th July there was a major gap in the bus routes previously operated.  Local Authorities in the area have worked hard to cover as many of the services as possible.  The first priority of the local authorities was to cover school transport.

Below is a table of what is believed to be the current situation.  The table can be read in route order, in local authority order and by those that have not yet been covered. (Use the tab at the bottom of the table). 

There are links to the new timetables for the services (please report to me any broken links).

Whilst every care has been taken in producing this list from various sources - no guarantee can be given of its accuracy.  It is only updated periodically and the last date of update should be consulted.

The colour code use is       green = service covered almost as normal
                                         orange = service covered but with reduced service
                                          red = service not covered

Codes for Local Authorities are CW = Cheshire West and Chester,  D = Denbighshire, 
= Cheshire East,  F = Flintshire, G = Gwynedd, S = Shropshire

Whilst some service will travel through more than one LA it is listed in the Council area that has primary responsibilty for contracting the service.