W J Hanmer & Sons




The business commenced in 1895 when Walter Hanmer started using horse drawn vehicles for coal haulage and passengers.  After 1910 mechanical vehicles were utilised some of which were used for carrying coal and passengers and a route was established between Lodge and Wrexham.  Private hire became an element of the business and journeys were also operated to local collieries. 

In 1952 the business began trading as W J Hanmer and Sons to reflect that Walter's sons Herbert (Heber) and John (Johnny) had established themselves in the business.  After the death of Walter the sons continued running the business but by 1968 Heber bought out Johnny's share.  Heber's son Roger later entered the business and an expansion was experienced when continental travel was operated.

Tragically Roger died in 1975 after a short illness. His widow Hillary, under the direction of Heber, continued to run the business. However in August 2000 the business was sold to GHA including the fleet of coaches, the depot at Southsea and the valued goodwill of the business which at that stage was predominately private hire. 


The table below gives a list of all recorded vehicles known to have been with this operator.  I am indebted to David Donati for his dedicated work in compiling this data and enabling me to present it.

In the right hand column - where available - there is a link to a photograph of the vehicle.  The photo will open in a new window.  Links in CAPITAL LETTERS suggest the vehicle is seen when with the operator.

The column 'Pre HISTORY' shows information about the vehicle before joining the fleet including any re-registrations.  The column 'Post HISTORY' shows information about when the vehicle left the fleet and any known information of the subsequent history after the vehicle left the fleet.

For those who would wish to see the chassis and body numbers - these are to be found on the right hand side of the table below. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page and then scroll the page to the right.

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© Ron Hughes and David Donati - any reproduction should give credit to the originator and may require permission.

© David Donati & Ron Hughes - any reproduction should give credit to the originator and may require permission