Welcome (croeso) to my site which looks at bus and coach operators, present and past, together with their fleets in my local area - North East Wales

I trust that you will also enjoy the section on ceased operators where you will find some background history and historical fleet lists.

 I have made a significant additions in both 2020 and 2021 to my website relating to Crosville.   <<LINK to Crosville Home page>>

There is a complete historic fleet list of both Crosville (1906-1990) and Crosville Wales (1986-1998).

In addition, there are two separate pages setting out a potted histories of both Crosville and Crosville Wales in the form of a 'time-line'.

There are pages on the four methods used by Crosville to identify vehicles and there are two pages describing the details of the Route Numbers used.

There are pages on the links between Crosville and the major areas around: -
        Mold Buckley and Deeside,
        Wrexham and
        Rhyl, Prestatyn  and Denbigh.

Also added are a number of ceased operators, including pages on
    White Rose,
    Western Transport,
     Red Dragon and also a
    Buckley operator by the name of Jenkinson which I have been lucky to learn about its history from his family.

As usual the website is planned to be a dynamic process and I am only too happy to receive feedback so that corrections or suitable additions can be made.

The Crosville home page can be found <<HERE – LINK to Crosville Home Page>>

The Crosville Home page then has links to the various component pages as set out above. 

Enjoy your visit - if you have any comments, criticism, news or you notice any errors or faulty links- please (PLEASE) contact me - I value feedback

My name is Ron and I am a bus enthusiast in north east Wales

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