Ron McMillan - a potted biography


        A freelance writer and photographer for over twenty years, I started in journalism in Seoul, Korea during the run-up to the 1988 Olympic Games. Being in the right place at the right time led to work for titles in Europe, Asia and North America - editorial contacts that held me in good stead when I re-located to Hongkong in late 1988.

        For the next ten years I worked on assignment for magazines including Time, Newsweek, Businessweek, Fortune, and L'Express. This meant travel throughout Asia, nearly fifty visits to Mainland China alone, and five assigned trips to North Korea. During this period I also branched into commercial photography, shooting annual reports, brochures and PR campaigns around the region for clients including Coca-Cola and Volkswagen. 

        Meanwhile, I continued to write travel features for newspapers and Asian inflight magazines.  Examples of my travel writing work are here.

        On my return to Scotland in 1998, I concentrated on writing and illustrating travel and business features for broadsheet newspapers such as The Herald and Independent on Sunday. I am currently working on both fiction and travel book projects. My first ravel book about the Shetland Islands, BETWEEN WEATHERS, was published in June 2008 by Sandstone Press. BETWEEN WEATHERS was nominated for the prestigious Saltire Society First Book Award.

        My first foray into published fiction was released by Sandstone Press in June 2010. Yin Yang Tattoo is a crime thriller set in South Korea, and represents the first in a new series of thrillers with the same central character, and set in various Asian capitals known well to me from my time freelancing around the region. The book is now available from Amazon and in UK branches of Waterstones. It will also be found in Hongkong branches of Dymocks bookstores, and in Thailand, through Asia Books.