All about me
About me

 This is me, Ron Jones...
  -Indie Developer
  -Digital Artist
  -Game Designer
  -Sequential Artist

    I'm a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta where I studied to be a Game Developer in the Game Art and Design program. With my degree, I want to create an experience that everyone can take part in. My technical skills of interest are everything Photoshop and Unity 3D. They inspire me to draw and write Graphic Novels and develop indie games. I'm fully determined to create some incredible things in today's industry :)

    But over all I just love life, new experiences, and learning all that I can. I'm the former President and Game/Animation Senator of my school's Student Leadership Council where I was able to achieve my goals in bringing together the student community and launching my career at the same time. Currently I'm a member of the Georgia Game Developers Association and coordinator of Atlanta's Indie Cluster! We bring together indie devs to share knowledge, support each other, and create a platform where we can travel to conferences and have collective voice. Check out our website and podcast #IndieDEV here. I always try to stay busy, focusing on and learning 
different things in my life at the same time. I love my friends and family, never burn bridges, and stay a positive person. 

Thank you for visiting my website, please contact me for any questions or comments on my works, so when I make it to the top, you will be on my thank you list.

God bless.