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Jupiter Ace on FPGA

This version was last updated on 2010/02/12

This is a very cool piece of hardware from old good times.
Just in case you have not heard about the Jupiter Ace 8 bit computer, follow the link:

I have my Z80SoC already functional, which a thinks is a very cool project. Check the home page.

Based on the Z80SoC, I am trying to recreate the Jupiter Ace on FPGA for the development boards Diligent Spartan 3E and Altera DE1.

I am not very succesfull at this time.
I think I have the memory mapped correctly, but something is wrong. Same for video.

At this time, I am working only with the Spartan 3E, but if someone want to work with the DE1, I can port the project to this board and make it available.

Below in the attachments section, I have made available the whole project for Xilinx ISE 9.2. Don't try using another version of ISE, because the memory models will not work.

Anyone is welcome to download and try the project. Then contact me, so we can see how you can help.

In the ROM directory, there are two rom files:

This file is a small rom, to test the exotic Ace's memory map. It writes characters on the memory, reads it back and display them on the VGA and LCD.
This is the actual Ace rom. To try it ou, just copy to the project's directory as "rom.vhd" and synthesize.

Technical information about the Jupiter Ace architecture can be found here:

Come on, people. One step ahead!

by Roni.
Ronivon Costa,
Mar 19, 2011, 5:30 AM