Arrangments for Solo guitar

These are in no particular order, except that the newer arrangments are at the bottom. Check the front page for new updates, check out the difficulty sheet for comments and difficulty.

Videogame Music:

FF9: Aloha De Chocobo by: Nobuo Uematsu. PDFMIDI
Mario 64: Bowser by: Koji Kondo. PDFMIDI
Chrono Cross: Dimension Break by: Yasunori Mitsuda. PDFMIDI
Dragon Quest 7: Sadness by: Koichi Sugiyama PDFMIDI
Dragon Quest 1: Tantegel Castle by Koichi Sugiyama PDFMIDI
 FF9: The Place I'll Return Someday by: Nobuo Uematsu PDFMIDI
Metroid: Kraid's Hideout by Hip Tanaka PDFMIDI
SNES LotR: The Shire by Charles Deenan PDFMIDI
Dragon Warrior 4: Minuet by Koichi Sugiyama PDFMIDI
Sword of Mana: Mission of Mana by Kenji Ito PDFMIDI
FF3: Noah's Lute by Nobuo Uematsu PDFMIDI
FF4: Theme of Love (Rosa's Theme) by Nobuo Uematsu PDFMIDI
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker: Farewell Hyrule King by Koji Kondo PDFMIDI 
FFV: Battle with Gilgamesh: by Nobuo Uematsu PDFMIDI
Dragon Quest 5: Melody of Love: by Koichi Sugiyama PDFMIDI 
Dragon Quest 5: Bridal March: by Koichi Sugiyama PDFMIDI
Unlimited SaGa: Solitude: by Masashi Hamauzu PDF MIDI Blog Entry
Xenosaga: Nephilim: by Yasunori Mitsuda PDF MIDI Blog Entry
Legend of Mana: Places in the Heart: by Yoko Shimomura PDFMIDI Blog Post
Legend of Mana: Treasured Love: by Yoko Shimomura PDFMIDI Blog Post
NEW Katamari Damacy: Dan Don Fuga: by Yu Miyake PDFMIDI Blog Post

Three Works by Kentaro Haneda:     Blog Entry

Wizardry II: Opening Theme PDF MIDI
Wizardry I: Camp Preparations PDF MIDI
Wizardry I: Opening Theme PDF MIDI

Anime Music:

Ghibli Suite : By Joe Hisashi

I. Prelude - Valley of the Winds (Nausicaa) PDF MIDIBlog Entry
II. Breeze on a Hill (Kiki's Delivery Service)PDF MIDIBlog Entry
III. Westward Journey (Princess Mononoke) PDF MIDIBlog Entry
IV. Morning in a Mining Town (Laputa: Castle In the Sky)PDF MIDIBlog Entry
V. Requiem (Nausicaa)PDF MIDIBlog Entry
VI. Marco and Gina (Porco Rosso)PDF MIDIBlog Entry 
VII. The Little Picture (My Nieghbor Totoro) PDF MIDIBlog Entry
VIII. Chihiro's Waltz (Spirited Away) PDF MIDIBlog Entry
IX. Promise to the World (Howl's Moving Castle) PDF MIDIBlog Entry

Hymns/Christmas Arrangments:

Far Far away on Judea's Plain PDFMIDI
Once in Royal David's City PDFMIDI
As Shepherds Watched their Flocks PDFMIDI
With Wondering Awe PDFMIDI
NEW I Am a Child of God PDFMIDI Blog Post