Q: Why?

A: Several reasons. First off, I really enjoy Video game music. I think that it is a good way to get people excited about modern music and guitar music. Most classical music being written today isn't easily palatable to the average music listener. I also did it to try and expand the classical guitar repetoire. It's very easy to find beginning pieces, and after that you've got the "Segovian" repetoire, which everyone and their dog as played. But what after that? While I was majoring in guitar at college I kept finding myself bored with what was available. Sure it was good, but I heard before, and heard it played better than I could. This seemed like a good way to do something new and exciting instead of retreading others footsteps. 

Q: Hey do you take requests?

A: Yes and no. I take suggestions and am more than happy to recieve them, a few arrangments have come from suggestions. However, sometimes people ask for things that just don't fit well on a guitar. So I'm more than happy to listen to suggestions however, that's all it really is, a suggestion.

Q: What no recordings?

A: Nope. I haven't the first clue as to how to record from home, what equipment I need and such. And even if I did, I probably wouldn't have the moola to buy the equipment. So not right now, hopefully someday but not right now.

Q: Hey there's a mistake in the tab!

A: Yeah, that's probably true. I'm nearly a sheet exclusive guy. In fact these arrangments used to be sheet only. Until I learned how few guitarists can actually read music, then I added in the tab. However because i am primarily a sheet guy, I tend to get a little sloppy with the tab. Apologies. Learn to read a few notes on the guitar. It wont kill you. Also print out the arrangments and mark them up. My copies are written all over. And no, just because you find an easier way to play doesn't mean that I'm going to republish the whole thing.

Q: There's an error in the note duration!

A: Yes, my earlier arrangments I did in voices so there are overlapping/some impossible to hold notes. If you find it hard then let the note go. I apologize for the earlier errors and am working to make things more playable.

Q: Playable? Some of these are impossible!

A: Not entirely true. I've played through all of these. I will grant that some of them are difficult, especially if you've never played in the classical style before. However, they are all doable with some creative fingering and lots of practice.

Q: What? No Super Mario Theme?

A:  Not yet. Maybe not ever. It's been done...a lot. And really I don't want to do it unless I can add something new and exciting to it. I have played with the idea of doing it in a bosssa nova style, but as of right now, I don't think I could any better than the hundreds of people that are our there have already done.

Q: Why can't you make the arrangments rock guitar styled?

A: There are plenty of sites out there for guys that want to play a basic theme or strum on their guitars. This is for people that play classical guitar and that style. So sorry you wont see rock n' roll style arrangments here anytime.

Q: Can I link to your page? Can I post your works on my page?:

A: Lol. If these questions ever comes up, feel free to link me. However, if you're going to link to the work just make sure that credit goes where credit is due. Last thing i want to see is some of my stuff out there with someone else's name on it.