Difficulty Sheet

This page details pieces and their relative difficulty

Solo Guitar Beginner:

Aloha de Chocobo (FF9): This is a nice beginner piece. Really basic C major stuff. You do go up to the sixth fret at one point but it's nothing major. This is a nice place to start.

Dimension Break (Crono Cross): This is another easy piece. Good for beginner, it does have a lot of streches in it, but still doable by a beginner.

The Place I'll Return Someday (FF9): Another nice beginner piece. Nothing terribly difficult about this one.

Noah's Lute (FF3): Short and sweet. Great for a beginner.

Theme of Love (FF4): This is probably the hardest of the beginner pieces. Not really difficult, but the grace notes will give some players trouble.

Solitude (Unlimited SaGa): This piece is very nice. It is simple enough for even beginning players but is probably the most emotionally expressive piece here. The interpretation is something any guitarist would be able to appreciate and be challenged by. See the blog entry for more info.

Ghibli Suite Movement IV. Morning in a Mining Village:  This is short and mostly easy. The tempo will require some practice for some players however.

I Am a Child of God:  This is short and and easy. Ideal for beginners.


Solo Guitar Intermediate

 Sadness (DQ7): While the piece is relatively simple, it does have some streches and odd fingerings in it that might be beyond some beginners. Still not really intermediate, but not beginner either, I just decided to err on the side of caution.

Tantegel Castel (DQ1): Again another that's on the border line of beginner and intermediate. The length of it for me puts it over the bar, that and the fact that you go all over the fret board with this one. However, it fits so nicely on the guitar that it is a joy to play.

Kraid's Hideout (Metroid): One of my first arrangments and it shows. The piece is confused and has some really difficult stretches/jumps in it. If I had it to do over again I probably would do it differently, if I did it at all. I've played with taking this one down, but some people like it. So take it at your own risk.

The Shire (SNES LOTR):  This is one of my favorite arrangments. This is on the border of intermediate and intermediate+, the 32nd grace notes would definetly put it in intermediate + territory, however you can just omit them. Other than that it's very guitaristic and fits nicely.

Mission of Mana (Sword of Mana): This would normally be in the beginner section but holding the notes puts it just out of range for a beginner. It's a good finger excercise though.

Melody of Love (DQV): This piece can be a little hard because of the timing and some funky right hand work. But otherwise it's pretty good intermediate fair.

Nephilim (Xenosaga): This piece is ok, but the chords, bass, and voicing will give beginners issues. Still pretty good intermediate level stuff.

Ghibi Suite Movement II. Breeze on a Hill: Doesn't start off badly but there are a few parts with counterpoint that would give a beginner a hard time .

Ghibli Suite Movement III. Westward Journey: Starts off very easy. But there's the third section where you have some interesting movements, again not hard but not a piece that you can go into it without prior knowledge of guitar.

Ghibli Suite Movement V. Requiem: Pretty standard intermediate fair.

Ghibli Suite Movement VI. Marco and Gina: While not terribly difficult it does require some finger independence which beginners might have a difficult time with.

Ghibli Suite Movement VII The Little Picture: While mostly easy, this has some stretches in it that are not up for beginners

Ghilbi Suite Movement VIII Chihiro's Waltz: A lot of movement here, but not hard enough to be in the intermediate + section.

Ghibli Suite: Movement IX. Promise to the World: This is in the upper reaches of intermediate. Nothing undoable but not real easy either.

Wizardry II: Opening theme:  Lots of contrary movement and timing put this out of the reach of beginners and beginning intermediates.

Wizardry I: Camp Preparations:  Same as above. Not terribly difficult. But it wont be easy either.

Legend of Mana: Places in the Heart:  This is short and starts off easy. But the second half has some stretches and strange fingerings that will be a bit too hard for a beginner.

Solo Guitar Intermediate+:

Bowser's Theme (Mario 64): This is one of the harder pieces on the site. In itself it's not terribly difficult, but to take it at speed, is very difficult. Definetly not for a beginner.

Minuet (DQIV): This is a harmonically dense  piece that moves everywhere.  Some really uncomfortable fingerings here and lots of movement. It's not impossibly difficult but you should know what you're doing before starting this piece.

Farewell Hyrule King (LoZ:WW): Don't the the easy beginning and intermediate middle fool you. The climax of this piece is a killer going everywhere at a quick tempo, with independent voices. It's fun but difficult.

Battle with Gilgamesh (FFV): The runs in the beginning look easy but taken at speed can be difficult. The rest of the piece isn't nearly as hard but still, most of it might be beyond intermediate players.

Bridal March (DQV): This is one of those pieces on the border of intermediate and intermediate+. The speed and length of it makes me think it more at home at intermediate+. While compared to the other intermediate+ pieces it's the easiest, I felt that it might be beyond a lot of intermediate players to play a piece this large at this tempo. 

Ghibli Suite: Movement I. Prelude - Valley of the Winds: This piece starts of with an awkard chord and by measure 3 you have a long two octave 32nd note run.  This alone will scare off most newcomers. Once you get past the run however it's not so bad until the last quarter of the piece which has some contrary motion in it.

Wizardry I: Opening theme:  All the crazy movement and speed will put this out of the reach of most intermediate players. Not a terribly difficult piece but it will be difficult to do it justice if you're at an intermediate level

Legend of Mana: Treasured Love:  I believe this is the first fugal piece on here. Being so it is not for beginners. Nothing terribly difficult but I know plenty of intermediate people would be intimidated by this. So I put it here just to be safe.

Katamari Damacy: Dan Don Fuga:  Second Fugal piece on the site and it's insane.