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Here you'll find videogame tabs and sheet music arranged for guitar by Ron Cruz. The guitar sheet music and tabs includes work from Uematsu, Mitsuda, Kondo, Ito, Sugiyama, Hisaishi, Tanaka, Yamane and Deenan. Before you download or complain or send me an email please check out the FAQ.



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Katamari Damacy: Dan Don Fuga 08/13/07

Based on Justin Lincoln's arrangment of this piece for 2 guitars and a bass I've put it all on one guitar making the most difficult piece on this site.

Legend of Mana: Treasured Love 08/10/07

Finally I was able to secure sheets of this piece. I stayed up late last night putting this together. Check it out in the solo guitar section.


I Am a Child of God and Legend of Mana: Places in the Heart 08/07/07

For my daughter's baptism I arranged the hymn "I Am a Child of God" for classical guitar. And for Gametab's Yoko Shimomura Guitar Collection I've arranged "Places in the Heart" from Legend of Mana. Both are available in the Arrangments for solo guitar section.

Three Pieces from Wizardry 07/10/07

In memory of Kentaro Haneda who passed away this year I have taken three pieces from the first two Wizardry games and transcribed them for solo guitar.  Check out the solo page to see them, and also check out the blog entry for them.

Ghibli Suite Movement IX: Promise to the World 07/06/07

The ninth and final movement is from Howl's Moving Castle and is titled "Promise to the World".  You can find it under the solo page.

Finally the Ghibli Suite is finished! 

Ghibli Suite Movement VIII: Chihiro's Waltz 07/02/07 

The eighth movement to the Ghibli Suite is up now under the Solo guitar page. It's Chihiro's Waltz from Spirited Away.  Just one more movement to go!

Ghibli Suite Movement VII: The Little Picture 06/28/07

I've added the seventh movement of the Ghibli Suite for Solo guitar. It's "The Little Picture" from "My Neighbor Totoro". As always you can access it and its blog entry via the Solo guitar page.

Ghibli Suite Movement VI: Marco and Gina 06/27/07

The Ghibli Suite continues with "Marco and Gina" from the wonderful Porco Rosso.  You can view it in the Arrangments for Solo Guitar page here

Ghibli Suite Movements III, IV and V 06/11/07

I have posted the next three movements in the Ghibli suite. You can view them in the Arrangments for Solo Guitar page here

Ghibli Suite: Movement II: Breeze on a Hill 5/31/07

The second movement took me much shorter than I imagined and it fit together much nicer than I imagined. It's from "Kiki's Delivery Service" and you can read the blog post here. Otherwise you'll find it under the Solo Guitar section. Enjoy...if there's anyone actually trying it out.

Ghibli Suite: Movement I: Prelude - Valley of the Winds 05/29/07

It's been more than six months since I've updated but here is the first in a string of pieces comprising a Suite of works that Joe Hisaishi composed for the Miyazaki movies. You can read about it here at my blog. Or just go to the Solo Arrangments page to view it.

Vivaldi Concerto Grosso Op. 3 No. 11 RV 565 for 3 guitars 12/08/06

Voila! My big project is done and posted. This wonderful concerto in its entirety is under the Non Solo arrangments section.

It's my first such arrangment, but there will be more. Check out the blog entry for more info is you want.


Christmas arrangments: 12/7/06

4 for solo guitar and 1 for guitar and voice ("Mary Did You Know?") Here's the short blog entry.

You can get to them under solo and non solo Arrangments (Non solo for "Mary Did you know"). As always feel free to send any suggestions if you have any.

Castlvania: Symphony of the Night: Wood Carving Partita for Flute and guitar: 8/14/06

You can read about this one on the blog.

But you can access it under the arrangments for more than one musician page here. Also feel free to send any suggestions if you have any.

Xenosaga: Nephilim: 8/8/06

The third update. It's been months I know. But with a new baby and work being crazy I haven't had much time.  But I did turn out an arrangement of Mitsuda's "Nephilm" . I've added it to the Solo page.

Also catch the blog entry here.

Unlimited SaGa: 4/11/06:

So this is the second update. I've added a new arrangment of Hamauzu's Solitude from Unlimited SaGa to the Solo page. Feel free to check it out.

Also something new that I'm trying out is blogging my arranging/performing efforts per piece. If you look on the solo page you'll find a blog entry link for Solitude. Clicking on this will take you to my blog entry for that piece where I write about the piece how and why I arranged it and anything that players should look out for. I hope you guys enjoy.

First Update 3/27/06:

So I'm trying out this new site as opposed to doing it via my blog. We'll see how it goes. Truth be told I have no expectation that this will be any more popular than my past attempts. Still it will be better than having to repost all my arrangments everytime I do a blog update. Some people ask why I don't just pay for a site, and truth is I don't get anywhere near enough traffic to justify anything like that.  Sorry guys, I'm not going to pay money so that one or two of you a month can get an arrangment easier.

As I mentioned in the blog I'm sort of looking for new pieces to arrange. Right now I'm thinking about some FFXI, but we'll see.

Anyhow, I'm going to create a page for my solo arrangments, my non-solo arrangments, an FAQ and a difficulty page, so that people can see what difficulties are for each piece, as well as a contact link so if anyone should read this and want to contact me they'll be able to.