Where to Start 

How to import a motorcycle from the USA into Canada

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The best place to start is Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) (http://www.riv.ca). They are the official source for information on vehicle import requirements and the import process, including motorcycles.

Their website is well organized and including convenient links to province specific information and other key points. Although you may be tempted to check out only the links appearing in top half of the page, you really need to study this website thoroughly. It does contain a good deal of information relevant only to other types of vehicles, there are important pieces of information sprinkled everywhere. I do try to touch on all the key points here in this document, but this has been written in relation to my experience and it may miss points relevant to your case and changes that may have occurred.

You’ll want to record their contact information as well. I had talked to them several times over the phone and usually (not always) received accurate information delivered in a friendly and professional manner, better than what I had expected for government sponsored initiative.

Telephone: 1-888-848-8240
Email: info@riv.ca