(for those of you from around the world that have been viewing this page, this was just a local (city-wide) ad campaign for a local baseball team.  IF YOU WANT TO check out some REAL CONPIRACY, CLICK HERE)

Tuesday Night : Final Credits

So the coordinates were not an area, or even a meeting place.  And thank goodness, because I figured that if it WAS a meeting place, it was not gonna have much of a turnout, due to the COLD WEATHER moving in.

As the commercial said, "Here's the Beef!" :


I have to thank the REAL MIB behind this Great Ad Campaign:

Banik Communications

I have to admit, they MUST HAVE BEEN laughing, when I posted over a week ago (Jan. 6th), that I had the billboard figured out in ONE NIGHT.  First, I thought it was an ad for the new Chili's in town.  Then I didn't know. Then our collective guess was for a new hockey team.  On Monday (Jan 14th), a co-worker told me that my site was now #2 on GOOGLE when you searched for the billboard Invasion campaign. Then, thanks to a poster (Jason) over at blog, he helped to reveal the TRUTH (the afore-mentioned Great Falls Voyagers Baseball team).

BUT! Even on Tuesday (Jan 15th), the game was NOT OVER!  About 9:30am Tuesday, "Roy" e-mailed me, saying that he thought that 'they' were about to take his site down, and he asked me (and Dave at Greater Falls) to back it up.  Well, we both fell for it, and I backed up his page.  Then about 9:45, the page DID go away, and the only text suggested that the site was suspended, pending an order from Majestic. (secret clandestine government-ops group). And so it was until Tuesday afternoon, I was JUST ABOUT to leave for lunch, when I was escorted downstairs to meet with "Homeland Security".  And for about 10 seconds, I thought it was real.  But then I played along with it.  And after meeting with the Men (and Woman!) in Black, they let me know who they really were, and shook my hand, and took several photos, and awarded me an official Great Falls Voyagers Baseball Cap.  (the picture on the voyager's site shows a white cap - mine is black)


I also thank another player in this game: the web master

(and my former English Teacher, Tim Paul)


Also much thanks to my friend Deanne for her great ideas,

and David Sherman (and contributing posters) over at


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