"InVasion" Billboard/Website - The Answer!

This web page is to release to the Great Falls Area, that the billboards you see around town, is NOT ACTUALLY reporting a real UFO Sighting, but rather, to simply promote an 'Invasion" from the NEW NAME of the Great Falls White Sox : The Great Falls Voyagers!  (starts with a "V" ! )    I have had an interest in the whole UFO culture for over 30 years.  So when I saw the billboard with the words "Invasion" and the website www.wemakecontact.com, I just had to check it out.  Sure, I watched the You-tube videos.  But the videos were too visual and dramatic to be real.  Besides - the thing I noticed, is that UNLIKE THE MARIANA FOOTAGE, the camera did not move when the UFO's moved!  But the real clincher was that on the website (above) there was a posting of a supposed audio recording, which was then 'decoded' into a binary transmission, and printed on the website, in all its glorious Ones and Zeroes.  So I copied the 'transmission' into wordpad.  I noticed that there were repeated patterns within the ones and zeroes, and started highlighting them. I then noticed that they were staggered down the page, so to see more at one time, I ran the line out to double its posted length.  Then things started to click.  I remembered the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster (based on the book by Carl Sagan).  So in the movie, the repeating transmission turns out to be a picture, not any code.  So after playing around with the line lengths for some time, a picture indeed started to appear.  I colorized it and posted it below. (Click on the 1st link below)  After seeing the picture, I know that you will recognise that it bears a STRIKING resemblance to the large "V" in inVasion, on the billboard itself.  The "V" ufo footage is a clue.   I can't claim any credit for discoving the last clue being the Great Falls Voyagers.  In Fact, it was Jason who posted on Dave Shermans Greater Falls Blog that clued me in.  And so it all fit together.  Click on the second link below "For the rest of the story." (unless of course, you've come here from there already)


"Homeland Security" for de-briefing me at work.

Tim Paul and company for a his part in the campaign.

The 1st Audio/Binary Transmission - Cracked!

The 2nd Audio/Binary Transmission - Click here!