There is not enough information about Robin Hronek´s music in English. This site is about his music. If you like elektronic music, this is the right place for you.
 Robin Hronek composes the same kind of music like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield. . You can be lucky to have a decent website about his music in English. It is possible to use the Robin Hronek ´s musical homesite at http://www.rhmusic.org, which allows you to get all information about this musician, watch some videos and listen to a pieces fo music in MP3 format for demonstration and free download.

     The RHMMUSIC.org website lets you purchase the CDs and DVDs with Robin Hronek ´s music but it is written in Czech language. We would like to help you in getting an information about it in English for English spoken countries. but without the chance of shopping.

     One of a few english sites about music composed by Robin Hronek is on Facebook at
It is our international fanclub.

     There is more places with English comments for people around the world with Robin Hronek ´s music on SoundClouud at http://soundcloud.com/robin-hronek

     There is a TV channel with this music on Ustream at http://ustream.tv/channel/rhmusic-org 

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