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"Dummy" Gmail accounts

Many interesting sites require email registrations.  Giving students an email account is fraught with problems.  There is a way around it.  Gmail allows you to create "dummy" gmail addresses.  Not all website allow you to use these, but many do.  They allow you to give students an email address that is, for all purposes, useless as an email address.  It can only do one thing, and that is register for a website.

Intially you create an account that has a name you would think would be appropriate for your students to use.  In my case, and in the example, I have created:


You can create whatever account name pertinent to your school.  To create the account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to www.gmail.com and create the account.
  2. You are done.

I am not including instructions on how to create an online email account.

Now that you have your address you can simply add to the name, just before the @ symbol.
Your new address would look like this:


This, for the purposes of registering for a website is a new email address.  And the best part is, all mail sent to res.student+1@gmail.com goes to the same place as res.student@gmail.com.  So you just need to check the original mail account if there is a reason to do so.  This means students can not send or recieve email using the account, and they now have an easy way to create individual accounts on sites you would like to use.  I have not found a limit for the +#'s, having used one with res.student+300@gmail.com that worked just fine.  Any sites I add to this list I will be sure to mention if they have ability to use the dummy email accounts

Sites that work with "Dummy" Gmail accounts