Augmented Reality Drawing Program

This application uses augmented reality to make it easier for people to draw a picture. All you need is a computer, a webcam and a printed marker. You place the marker at the corner of the canvas or paper you want to draw on, upload the picture you want to draw, then look through the webcam using the transparent picture as a guide to drawing. 

The name Filippo comes from Filippo Brunellschi-- designer of the dome of Florence's famous cathedral. It was Brunellschi who invented linear perspective using a mirror and a painted panel. This project is made possible using the excellent NyARToolkitaugmented reality Java toolkit. This was built, in turn, using Sun's Java Media Framework and Java 3D. If you find this utility useful please let me know: ronanodriscoll (at) 

Video Introduction

Install and Use

  •  Download the latest installer for your operating system from the Google code download page.
  •  Print out the marker and glue or tape it to a piece of cardboard. You can download the marker pdf from here. It is also available in the doc folder of your installation.
  • Place the marker near the drawing pad or canvas.
  • Point Filippo to the image you want to draw. It will place the image transparently near your marker.
  • View "through" the web cam to draw your picture.