This website was created to make available the works of, and information about, Alice and Ron Haybron, including images of Alice’s art and links to Ron’s writings. We are not sure Ron or Alice would have liked the "vanity" aspect of this sort of site, but it seems the easiest way for our family and friends to access their work and share information about them. 

One of Alice's paintings recently appeared on the cover of Dan's book, The Pursuit of Unhappiness: The Elusive Psychology of Well-Being (Oxford University Press 2008), pictured here. (Warning: it's an academic text--not a light read!)

This site is still under construction, so check back periodically for updates. Advice on formatting Google sites pages welcome!

Ron's Tulip Garden and Alice's Daffodil Garden

Ron and Alice's physician and dear friend Dr. Tom Mettee knew how much Alice loved daffodils, and Ron tulips, and often brought cuttings from his gardens. Recently he has planted a pair of gardens in their honor, and visitors to his practice in Chesterfield now pass between them as they walk through the front door. (See below--taken in the Fall.) His practice is Chesterfield Family Practice, at 12714 Opalocka Dr.

Dr. Mettee's dedication to our family has been breathtaking, and among many, many other things enabled Ron to spend his last weeks where he wanted to be, in his home. He is a pioneer in the field of home health care, and has launched a non-profit organization to promote it so that more people can stay at home, and out of institutions. See the website for H.E.A.R.T.S.
We  are immensely grateful for his tireless efforts, wise counsel, and compassion--as well as that of his entire practice, including Mary Hogan.

Farewell, 64

Last spring we sold the house at 64 E. Bel-Meadow Ln., in Chagrin Falls. It had been the family homestead since 1968; we'll miss it. Luckily, the buyers are a lovely couple who seem to share much of Ron and Alice's spirit, and even asked for some of Alice's art to keep in the house.

Call for Art, Stories, and Recordings

If you have any of Alice’s art that we could photograph, or that you would like to send us pictures of, we would love to know. We are particularly interested in getting photographs of her work from Ocracoke, as we hope to use some of it in a book about the island.   

If you have any stories about Alice or Ron that you would like to share, either on the web site or with us, please send them along. We are especially eager to collect stories about Alice, or better yet audio or video/movie recordings of her. We will not publish, circulate, or post any stories or images you provide without your permission.

Thanks! Dan and David Haybron