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        Edge of the Pond, Oil on canvas, 24"h x 30"w                                                     Spring Reflections, Oil on canvas, 24"h x 32"w

    My landscape paintings address common Nova Scotia settings. Birches, evergreens, marsh grass, water and boulders are transformed into complex and chaotic visual textures by light and shadow.  

    Finding and capturing simplified harmonious patterns in this complexity is a key component of my art.  My paintings attempt to evoke familiar everyday scenes that one encounters on a walk through the woods.

    While a painting may be based on a specific place, the image should feel familiar to anyone who has walked through a Nova Scotia landscape.

    My recent landscapes are available for sale from the Swoon Fine Art Gallery, 1410 Hammonds Plains Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia. To check out these paintings go to


                                            On the Bus Tryptich, Oil on wood. 2- 30"w x 48"h 1- 36"wx 48"h 
        This painting series explores private and public space. Mosaicked wooden panels  represent the texture of a building wall or a fence.

    Three Solitudes, Acrylic and gesso on canvas, 72" by 48"  

    "Public place, private space"  explores ways in which individuals find privacy 
    and solitude within the modern city environment.