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     The motto used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ("Seabees") during World War II:

    "The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer."

    Your Attitude Determines Your Level of Consciousness

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      Every day is a great day. It’s what you do with that makes a difference. What are your ways of coping? One idea that helps me at all times is to become accommodating. Dale Carnegie said, “Never criticize, condemn or complain.” I added, “not even indirectly”. Humans bring pain to themselves by pointing the finger of accusation and frustration. Look at the positives and eliminate the negatives, “and don’t mess with Mr. In Between.”

      Best wishes to you. You do a great service to cause people to discuss and respond to their need to succeed.

      Happy times are here to stay.

     to Perseverance: Small businesses working together to succeed

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      The Chamber of Commerce causes interaction between small and large businesses. It’s a place for communication and networking within the business community. A better business bureau will have programs where you can hear successful entrepreneurs breakdown their uncomplicated ways to succeed. Join business associations whose purpose is to raise the levels of sophistication. Joining these types of groups will give you insight to form a union to endeavor making changes in laws and regulations. Once you are involved, you will find that you are more of a leader than you realized.

    1. RONALD JOHN ELLIS says:

      It happens that I have seen and experienced the highs and lows of the economic spectrum. Its a good feeling to be able to identify each persons individual needs based on the levels of the hierarchy of needs as explained by Abraham Maslow. Some people can be rewarded in order to motivate based their needs at specific times. Everyone’s needs are different at different times and level of their lives. Some are rewarded by ribbons, and token awards and others needs are at a much higher level.

      What can you do? Give to others without the expectation of a return. But: give only to those who accept your gifts. When you are self actualized you don’t need to meet your daily needs, feel important, seek social contacts, plan for tomorrow, require more money, seek love and understanding because others will be lining up to join you in a happier life to obtain financial security and stability.

    Ronald John Ellis
    The president can be our moral compass. He can emphasize our need to be self actualized. Every speech should give us hope that our beautiful American family can profess peace to develop moral leadership around the world. We can give without the expectation of a return, but give only to those who are accepting a better way of life.

    Are my habits, behavior and actions congruent with the scope of my 5 year written goals for the future. Are my written goals, clear, concise, correct and complete?

    My honest answer: No.. My specific goals have been dissipated by my compulsive behavior and my need to experience everything in life.

    As Mr. Siebold would say: 3% of Americans have clearly defined written goals, less than 1% can identify their primary goal and objective in life. ……I believe that we as participants in this discussion need to strive to be one of the 1% …..

    The question seem to be designed to cause us to understand that we must put our whole being into fulfilling our desires and goals that lead to World Class Thinking. Then we must assure that we have suitable abilities to meet our goals utilizing critical thinking.


    Go to any job with great motivation to learn as much as possible. Do all that you can to cause your company to have success to meet its goals. Yes, treat your job as if you were part of the ownership to seek self improvement along the way. There is a great benefit derived from that kind approach in your job. Your bosses could then look to you as a person of great value. You would demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness to your bosses. Your bosses will win. The customers and the public would win.

    You would then be able through your own expertise be a successful businessman to have the ability to be the entrepreneur. You would then be the greatest winner. You would be able to start a new company with this running start.

    Business acumen has a money value and can be shown as an asset even when applying for bank credit. (A little known fact)


    I became a manager of a small business. I referred to the business in terms of “Our Company” in conversations with the owners. They gave me increased capital outlay. I did not need to explain the details due to their confidence in me. The business income tripled within 30 days.

    I was practicing to be the owner of a business without risk of my capital (of which I had none).

    After 7 years the company was being considered for sale. I quit the job and opened my own business. My company never had a negative result in 30 years from day one.

    I support Steve’s contention that we as employees should be striving and motivated in our current positions to act the part of the “self employed”.


    By Steve

    I was speaking in Philadelphia last week when the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would continue to ban gay kids from becoming Boy Scouts and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender parents from being volunteer scout leaders. Since I wrote about my support of gay rights in my latest book; Sex-Politics-Religion: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America, my phone has been ringing off the hook with requests for interviews. Watch this short video where I tell the story of my radio debate with three Christian Ministers from Harvard and Yale University and my personal meeting with Rev. Jesse Jackson. I’ll look forward to your comments on this important social issue.


    August 1, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    You are my family. All the people in the world are our family. We must take care of our family. I am a member of your family. Please take care of all of us. Then, from the fruit of love we can come up with the solutions to cause a loving earth.

    Many forms of government were giving birth with that idea in mind. Just as religions have love as their source, new ideas are evolved. This has been a successful tact and some of the precepts of religion are instrumental to cause people enjoyment of the earth. A problem arises when existing sins of the mind and flesh cause us commission of deadly sins. Then these sins are promulgated which cause a wide acceptance of selfish and self-serving philosophy.

    Our job is to look within ourselves to determine what goals we would like to pursue and attain. Our goals then become the strengths in our ability to give to our family.

    We as humans have not acted unselfishly and at times we have acted as a bully . We must make changes toward the goal of selflessness. We attain the ability to give unselfishly so that we can become self-actualized. With that motivation we can become relaxed and resourceful, unrestrained, easy, un-agitated, undisturbed, at ease, laid back to obtain ideas only to bring us all together.


    By Steve

    Everyone wants to be rich, but few are willing to risk, save and invest. Everyone wants to be skinny, but few are willing to stick to a healthy diet. Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die! And the list goes on. We’ve all heard this question before, but it’s one worth pondering.

    I am not willing to pay the price for success. Success is free. What is tedious for some, is fun for others. The goal of success and the road to success is the success. Feel small success now. It’s great. You can’t do anything about the past, take care of today’s needs and the future will take care of itself.

    Johnny Mercer: “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negatives and don’t mess with mister in between.”

    Dale Carnegie: “never criticize, condemn, or complain”

    Success cost nothing.

    Mike says:

    “If you want to lose 100 pounds the price you pay is the effort it takes to do what you have to do to lose the weight because it means going against the weight of inertia that will do its best to crush motivation.”


    A famous motivational speaker, who is a member of the advisory staff for this Siebold’s Mental Toughness program, writes that true motivation is unwavering. It cannot be crushed. He tells a story about a boy who wanted to kiss his schoolmate so bad, he would cut the top off his father’s car if that pleased his girlfriend.

    If it is ok with Steve, I will place excerpts of that story on my web page.

    Summary: You can do anything you want to do if you are motivated sufficiently.


    Here is what I have learned:

    Teach them to dream. Show them your dream. Help guide them though the maze to success. Let it be their dream. Let it be their direction. Let them make the choices. Let them take the responsibility for their new ideas. Give them positive encouragement at every turn.

    They can develop their own obsession. Someone wrote in a previous blog that carrying an obsession too far may cause insanity.

    I find myself always teaching by dictating solutions instead of developing in others a skill to cause them to be independent thinkers. Dictating in the long run causes resentment instead of a cooperative spirit.

    Einstein’s detractors who were unable to understand his motives called him crazy. They had a fear of new ideas on how to reach the ultimate.


    By Steve

    What’s your number? How much success, money, weight-loss, recognition, etc. is enough? Is greed really good, or is it the source of all unhappiness and root of all evil?



     What’s your number?  My number is a dollar worth a dollar.

    My 1985 dollar is now worth 15 cents.  Inflation, taxes, stock market, government borrowing and printing of money without collateral, politicians giving my money away to obtain votes, ponzi losses,  etc. all contributed to the loss of value of my investments and savings.

    How much success?  I will have succeeded when my family of humans on earth have developed morals to cause the earth's society to be a better place for all of us. 

    How much money is enough?  When the measurement of money is based on the good service that I perform.  Enough money to meet my needs to be self actualized.

    How much weight loss?  Gain or loose enough to be healthy to keep myself strong so that I can be a credit to our family of humans.

    Recognition is developed within, not from outside sources.

    Is greed really good, or is it the source of all unhappiness and root of all evil?  Greed is used as an instrument to cause lazy greedy people to find a unsustainable reward.


    By Steve

    After training over 35,000 salespeople in 10 countries through our Mental Toughness University program, the evidence is in: the number one challenge for all of them is the fear of rejection. Whether it’s a salesperson at Johnson & Johnson or an entrepreneur working out of his studio apartment, the fear of being rejected and criticized costs them and their companies a fortune. The good news is there is a little-known mental toughness secret that solves this problem, and this is what this post is about.


    BERT THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG. You are adding new thoughts to this discussion. I like to think that nothing is impossible. Let no challenge go undeserved. Work on ways to change a negative into a positive.

    In the case of those persons in the 1/3 no category: they can be changed to buy category (low hanging fruit) just by proper pruning and fertilization and cultivation.

    Just plant the seed and leave it alone until the heat and moisture of their own minds infuses the energy to sprout then watch them grow into one of your best customers.

    Be there at harvest time.


    Its not the fear of rejection that that cause a debilitating effect through emotions.  People through their fear of changing their mental attitude to become desensitized is their greatest fear.  I attended a human relations course in which one section was dedicated to understanding that handling rejection can be fun.  The program left me feel free to handling rejection.  From then on when I heard any suggestion that would normally cause normal average people to feel hurt and unable to cope with the rejection.....I would have an inward smile develop within me.  It was such a great feeling that I was able take command of the situation.  Not everyone can let them selves feel free to lose their fear.  

    Out of 30 persons in that class I'll bet that less than half understood what the had just experienced.  That section was subsequently removed from the course because of turmoil it caused by those who mentally refused to become a World Class Thinker.

    There was a previous discussion about this subject on a previous Mental Toughness blog.


    By Steve

    This is one of the most misunderstood mental toughness techniques in modern psychology. It’s used to extremes by professional athletes, Navy Seals, and psychopaths. If you’re looking to make a quantum leap in results in some area of your life, watch this video I taped in Times Square in New York City. Psychological conversion is one of the flashiest, sexiest and most powerful of all mental training techniques due to the massive results it produces. 

    OK, STEVE.

    You want me to try it for myself. Here goes:

    First, think that when I am in THAT state of consciousness that I can contact my resourceful self. Then I tried to focus on a project by self hypnosis:

    Motivation: Exclude any distraction by finding a cause to accomplish a desired result. Find the motivation. All the negatives that exist fall into the following categories: Criticism….Condemning and Complaining. Eliminate all negatives to my thinking so that I can expect no surprises.

    My next step is to obtain full relaxation. I will stay focused on my objective to let nothing interfere with my concentration.

    Concentration: List all details to identify a complete list of my pros and cons. The cons are not negative in themselves.

    Direction: Visualize what I have surmised to determine a direction. Visualize the positive outcome.

    Action: Remove rationalizations that are a detriment to my success.

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  3. Leo says:

    RONALD JOHN ELLIS: Very interesting. Could you recommend any good book or method on self hypnosis?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

    Healing With Mind Power: Richard Shames, M. D. (1978)


    I have always used that book as a guide in my further studies.
    All hypnosis is self hypnosis. One time I demonstrated the technique in a Toastmasters Speech. I went under myself but so did some the audience. I didn’t mean to put myself under.

    I put some under in a health education class following a procedure furnished by Stanford University. On subsequent attempts I got to the point of snapping my finger to induce hypnosis to the whole class.

    It helped me to perfect self hypnosis by volunteering to be a subject at theater presentations.


Steve: Thanks. I have experienced the drive to focus and attain.

You have given me an opportunity to delve and confirm what I know about my drive to focus. I am teaching myself by your example that the human is capable of deep thought on his own when the light shines on specific subjects and ideas.

“A person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” ….Benjamin Franklin…. You give me opportunity to develop my own direction. You cause self reflection that motivates others to develop their own direction and skills.

I find myself always teaching by dictating solutions instead of developing in others a skill to cause them to be independent thinkers. Dictating in the long run causes resentment instead of a cooperative spirit.


Human relations courses attend to this phenomena of handling rejection. People can become addicted to handling rejection. It becomes fun to be in a position where you cannot be intimidated by rejection. Rejection of others can be used as a tool to cause defeat in your opposition. Once you become desensitized you become to immune to rejections so as not to be intimidated. You become mentally at ease with yourself and as a result become resourceful.

Personal attacks as a rejection will demonstrate the inability of the reject-er to reason intelligently. Personal attacks on the advocate in court can be effective to damage their mindset by emotionalism. Emotional responses can have debilitating effect on you and your opposition.

This is a great subject for discussion. Now, I will look further to other aspects of the study of rejections and the effect pro and con.


The ladder to success has the rungs to great heights are all too obvious. The next rung is within your reach to attain the riches you deserve. The inability to reach could be the basis for failed development. Happiness and success can be found at any level. Failed development can happen at any rung if you don’t reach for the next rung.

Mike identified the rungs above.


By Steve

Critical thinking and organized religion have and will always clash, and my public knock-down drag-out in Oklahoma City with a Catholic Priest is a prime example. I didn’t go in looking for a fight, but when I openly challenged this man of the cloth with a critical thinking question he couldn’t answer, he attacked me and didn’t expect an equal response. Whether you’re a person of faith, an atheist or anywhere in between, it’s hard to dispute the fact that the problem with religious leaders and their doctrine is their unwillingness to undergo the scientific and critical thinking scrutiny that every other philosophy, industry, or ideology is subjected to. In short, it’s not only politically incorrect to publicly challenge 2,000 year old religious dogma, it’s social suicide. Especially in America. That’s where mental toughness kicks in and why I’m including it on this blog and in my upcoming book


The subject of gods is aesthetic. It’s like viewing artwork and finding that you are moved to emotion based on your internal wishes and intellectual experiences and training.

Apply the tests to Steve’s question.


The last post uncovered a lot of emotional responses, which was one of the goals. The definition of critical thinking is making decisions based on greater criteria, devoid of emotion. The problem with emotion is it clouds judgment and reduces our ability to think at the highest range of our potential. This is one of the major obstacles to world-class success, and 90% of us fall into this trap. I would challenge anyone interested in this concept to read the comments on the Rush Limbaugh post and see how many people actually addressed my point and question. Over 80% of the comments made an emotional leap and accused me of saying (or implying) things I never said. That’s emotional thinking, and it’s a one of the biggest performance issues I deal with every day with corporate executives and their teams. In mental toughness training at the highest level, we use logic and reason in decision making and emotion for motivation—and we never mix the two. After doing this work with Fortune 500 companies for the past 16 years, I can tell you only the top 10% of performers understand this concept enough to use it to their advantage.

“The want of logic annoys. Too much logic bores. Life eludes logic, and everything that logic alone constructs remains artificial and forced.” Andre Gide

Then it is OK not to be logical or emotional. Humans are surrounded by it. Someone will always take up the mantle of responsible logic and or emotions without our input. We can pick and choose the levels of logic and emotion that we are able to compartmentalize.


Emotions can be our instrument of invention. There is a time and place for constructive emotions to be used as a tool to attain personal human goals. The least emotional impetus can lead to the itch and then subsequent knowledge, ideas and tools needed to satisfy our need for successful attainment. Humans can select their emotions which would better serve their ability to think, apply and invent calculations that would then not be affected by his own emotions.
In board meetings, members should arrive with the understanding that the agenda was definite. That, members are to be void of any emotions. This is not the time and place for emotions. Its time for presentation of logic that was studied and ready for presentation with all the options covered. All negatives should have already been eliminated. Positive ideas and solutions prevail.


By Steve

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. As always, it was a passionate, robust discussion. One of the great, yet under-used mental toughness tools is the concept of starting over in place of repairing, patching and improving in areas we’re dissatisfied in.

Keep starting over until you get it right. As you start over you will review details to notice the techniques that causes perfection.

Start over when you find yourself 3 feet from the hole. Don’t give up on perfection by rationalizing that the ball was close enough.

I learned that from General Curtice E. Lemay, Strategic Air Command. (Korean Police action 1950-1956). He revolutionized a great management style.

Could "New Endeavor" or "Rebirth" be a better term than "Starting Over"?

Finish the following sentence:  "I should have".  There can only be one finish to that sentence. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER TO SAY I SHOULD HAVE."  Look for ways to gain strength of character.  Find ways to dream.  Put that dream into reality.  Einstein:  "Imagination over knowledge..."

Personnel directors of large corporations and government functions are cogniziant of the fact that to build effective operations, most personnel and specially new hires should endeavor to make goal changes within 5 years.  That idea in the minds of employees should in itself enhance that person's worth.  Left alone, most people will fortify a paradigm causing blocks to changes and ingenuity.

Instead of starting over, seek new endeavors even within current occupations and daily functions.

Starting over to enhance a person's worth should be akin to a dictate.  We should look for the good in those who have failed.  We should find ways to help them succeed to find a "new endeavor or rebirth" (start over).
May be we should endeavor to start over. 


You are my family.  All the people in the world are our family.  We must take care of our family.  I am a member of your family.  Please take care of all of us.  Then, from the fruit of love we can come up with the solutions to cause a loving earth. 

Many forms of government were giving birth with that idea in mind.  Just as religions have love as their source, new ideas are evolved.  This has been a successful tact and some of the precepts of religion are instrumental to cause people enjoyment of the earth.  A problem arises when existing sins of the mind and flesh cause us commission of deadly sins.  Then these sins are promulgated which cause a wide acceptance of selfish and self-serving philosophy.

Our job is to look within ourselves to determine what goals we would like to pursue and attain.  Our goals then become the strengths in our ability to give to our family.

We as humans have not acted unselfishly and at times we have acted as a bully .  We must make changes toward the goal of selflessness. We attain the ability to give unselfishly so that we can become self-actualized.  With that motivation we can become relaxed and resourceful, unrestrained, easy, un-agitated, undisturbed, at ease, laid back to obtain ideas only to bring us all together.

Democracy is the beginning, but it has been diluted to the greed and selfishness of a few.  Sometimes I feel that capitalization being taught has been misguided in our higher educational systems.  It has gotten to the point of a “Me” philosophy.  That educational system has diluted our system away from “the good of all on earth”.

Marx and Lenin have predicted the fall of all the current political systems through conflagration.  The conflagration will be the friction to cause change as “fuel going from one chemical state to heat, then smoke”.  Fires can be delayed and stopped by removing one, all, or more of the elements of conflagration. 

We have the ability to become self-actualized to make our family on earth come together to make that change that is so needed, immediately.


Don't make a mistake to begin with. Study your presumptive actions. Someone said the difference between a genius and an everyone else is that the genius has or gets all the options to complete an endeavor. Learn the effects of all your options before selecting an options which will cause positive reactions. Mistakes cause stress. Positive results can be combined with self appreciation to make you a happier person. Isn't that what you desire. Do you want to be happy or just to feel better, or both? 

  • Ronald John Ellis Mistakes are the results making wild guesses by chance without any preparation to obtain a beneficial outcome.
  • Ronald John Ellis Some people focus and learn from their mistakes. They may only learn how to make bigger and better mistakes. Some people learn from focusing on their endeavors. If you learn from your mistakes you are hindering your visions of accomplishments. Slogan: Be Prepared....... I should never need to say, "I should have........"


The prose was developed from what Einstein said about finding his solutions in the Universe.  He looked at the whole picture of the Universe through dreams.

He said, “imagination over knowledge”.  Imagine the start to the end.  See the actions necessary, then develop the path to each solution. Stepping back to look at the positive sides on what was once his dream.

His “idea” in his own words was the program to success.


Goals  are dream stems,

Dreams set from imagination,

Imagination over knowledge,

Catalyst achievement within

your dreams, germination.

Focus all energy

With fervor to imagine

That you possess,

The wonders, the impetus,

Desire, resulting strength.


Action resultant only when

To identify each specific..

Set as a plan

And achieve through

Workable set time trials


At set times

Dream you will

To see the whole maze

To trace the trail

With focused energy.

Ronald John Ellis, 2005

Response to Oprah concerning a possible breakdown.

RONALD JOHN ELLIS:  We all have our limits.  We need to attack some of the activities a small measure at a time by training ourselves to relax.  Venture out a little at a time.  We all have the capability to relax.  Our bodies and mind have the ability to repair and correct without the aid of drugs.  The miracle is within us.

1952-53 during the Korean War I had the opportunity and privilege of being a member of the funeral detail for the Strategic Air Command in Albany, Georgia.

Later in 1956-57 I was blessed with the job of attending the survivors of our veterans of the Korean War as a Casualty Assistance Officer. I was detailed to take care of the survivors needs for a period of one year after the funeral or notice of the loss. My subordinates and I were given that responsibility in California from Bakersfield to El Centro.

My heart is full.


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