Unknown Destination FreePBX v2.4

Using FreePBX v2.4 and higher

If you upgraded to v2.4 from a previous version, you will need to use something called Custom Destinations to add your custom apps. If you go to your IVR to where your recordings are, you will notice that there is an Unknown Destination where Custom Apps use to be. Pictured below.

 If you are adding new recordings to a fresh install, you need to go into Module Admin and add the module called Custom Applications. Click on Module Admin to get to the modules. Click on "Check For Updates Online" to show all modules installed or not. They don't normally show up until you click on "Check for updates online".



 Click on Custom Applications and click on Action and choose Install.


Then click on the Process button near the top of the page.

To get to Custom Destinations you click on Tools. Pictured below.

Click on Custom Destinations. In the Custom Destination box you would type in something like example "custom-phunfone,tape-006,1", then in the Description box name it like "Phunfone 006" since this is tape #6.  Click on the Submit and you know the rest.

Next when you visit the IVR or whatever you are going to direct a call to, now you will find the Custom Application box.