Ronald D Ferguson

One hundred years after man first walked on the Moon, climate change and overpopulation make civilization on Earth increasingly difficult, and the planets and moons in the solar system provide inadequate havens. The technological genius and modern-day Prometheus, Alastair McCleod, offers a solution to give humans a new kind of fire, the stars. As the richest man in the solar system, he devotes his influence, prestige, and wealth to implementing his solution. His Proposal is as controversial as it is simple: "We don't have the technology to take ourselves to the stars, and so instead, we will send the dead and the unborn."

Young Adult

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Episodic Fiction on Amazon Vella

Short Fiction List. Latest: The Sháńdíín Message

  1. His Brother was an Only Child (Copyright 2011)(Daily Science Fiction Stories - June 2011) (Also at 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology)

  2. Wake Up and Smell the Moonflowers (Copyright 2011)(OG's Speculative Fiction Issue 31)

  3. Philosophy (Copyright 2011)(Heir Apparent- Digital Science Fiction Anthology 4 )

  4. Perchance to Bleam (Copyright 2012)(Futures section of Nature, April 26, 2012)

  5. The Unicorn Dilemma (Copyright 2012)(Issue 18 March 2012)

  6. Hire Education (Copyright 2012)(Grantville Gazette: Hire Education)(Also at 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology)

  7. Words and Music by ... (Copyright 2012)(Futures section of Nature, Feb 2, 2012)

  8. Eavesdropping at the Keyhole to Forever. (Copyright 2012) (Grantville Gazette: Eavesdropping...)

  9. Crosswired (Copyright 2013)( Plasma Frequency, Issue 4)

  10. Rendezvous at Rashomon (Copyright 2013) (Earthbound Fiction Anthology: Dark Stars)

  11. Slamnesia (Copyright 2013) (Abyss & Apex, January 2014)

  12. For the People (Copyright 2013) (Daily Science Fiction: For the People)

  13. Fugue for Forgetfullness (Copyright 2013)(Buzzy Magazine, 10/4/2013)

  14. The Meaning of Life (Copyright 2013)Futures Section of Nature, 10/12/13)

  15. Gnostalgia (Copyright 2014) (Daily Science Fiction, 2014)

  16. Every Place is Halfway to Somewhere (Copyright 2015) (Issue 32 September 2, 2015)

  17. Mickey A. Goes to the Moon (Copyright 2016) (, April 12, 2016)

  18. Intent to Occupy (Copyright 2016)(Final Frontier Anthology, 2019)(Compelling Science Fiction, 2016, Issue 3) (2013 Jim Baen Memorial Writing Award, second place)

  19. Let Us Go Then, You and I (Copyright 2016)(Issue 36, November 29, 2016)

  20. Lover's Moon (Copyright 2016)(Perihelion, Sept 12, 2016)

  21. Educating Hiram-973 (Copyright 2016)(Perihelion)

  22. Wizards and Wizdom (Copyright 2017)(Deep Magic: February 2017)

  23. The Old Man and the C (Copyright 2017) (Stupefying Stories #19, January 2018)

  24. The Jogging Alien's Guide to Weight-loss Dating (Copyright 2017)(Perihelion)

  25. Cylinders (Jim Baen Memorial Writing Award Anthology) (Copyright 2017)(2016 Jim Baen Memorial Writing Award, third place)

  26. Wolf Brother's Song Copyright 2017)(The Lost Worlds Anthology, Flame Tree Publishing) (

  27. A Cost-Effective Analysis for the De-Extinction of the Woolly Mammoth (Copyright 2017) (Daily Science Fiction, Sept 26, 2017)

  28. Henki (Copyright 2017)(Issue 41,, December 2017).

  29. A Piano Sonata for Three Hands (Copyright 2018)(Issue 44, August 2018)

  30. Every Place is Halfway to Somewhere (Reprint Copyright 2015) (Passages, Best of, Vol 1, December 2018)

  31. The Last Storyteller In Effable (copyright 2019) ( Issue 47 June 2019)

  32. Never the Twain (copyright 2020) (Midsummer 2020 DreamForge.)

  33. The Sháńdíín Message (copyright 2021) (Issue 55, June 2021)


An Algebra Primer (McMillan, 1975)

College Algebra Plus (West, 1995)

College Algebra and Trigonometry Plus (West, 1995)

PreCalculus Plus (West, 1994)

Ronald D Ferguson, PhD. (1942- ) also writes YA fiction under the pen name R D Ferguson. He taught college mathematics for many years and published 4 mathematics textbooks during those years. An active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, he now writes full-time, both fiction and non-fiction. His short fiction has appeared in numerous venues. He lives with his wife and their rescue dog near the shadow of the Alamo.