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Ronald Gundlach-Chmara

universal number: 412-267-7377 email: ronabop@gmail.com


To utilize my technical, social and computer management/administration expertise to bring maximum benefit to organizations through their IT/IS departments.

Technical Summary:
  • 25 years of professional scripting and programming experience, 19 years of web application development, 18 years of professional router and firewall experience
  • Experienced with design, authoring and maintenance of object oriented programming as well as procedural programming code bases
  • Comfortable with Agile, Waterfall, XP, TDD, and ad-hoc/custom development methods
  • Experience with version control, ticketing, and QA tools, including SVN, Git, Mantis, Trac, Bugzilla, Unfuddle, Pivotal, Zendesk, and JIRA
  • Experience with automated deployment, virtualization, and tools such as PXE, Puppet, Chef, and AMI to rapidly build out systems and clouds
  • Expertise with web security practices, server security practices, network security practices
  • Work with diverse DBMS's, including MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Work with diverse operating system families, including Linux, BSD, Solaris, MacOS, Windows
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written), manage time-on-task, document tasks, and track ongoing results, work well in a team environment; efficiently share knowledge with other team members
  • Areas Of Expertise

  • Technical and systems support, integration, and architecture in multi-platform, data intensive, environments
  • Enterprise web application design, programming, and maintenance
  • Multiplatform (hetrogenous) computer systems administration
  • Diagnosis and trousbleshooting of complex hardware and software problem
  • Web platform enterprise/global scaling and complex troubleshooting
  • Creating and instituting automated, efficient, testing, development, and QA environments and workflows

  • General Range of Accomplishments

    • Set up, administered, mastered and maintained a diverse range of operating systems, work flows, processes, computer hardware setups, multiple network protocols, for millions of users, in a variety of knowledge domains. (See: software and hardware and coding philosophy and examples)


    04/2017-: Oracle

    Senior Systems Engineer
    • Internal DevOps and support for operations teams
    • Debugged and maintained Oracle Cloud/Chef, Docker systems builds
    • Release systems management for Artifactory, Jenkins, Rundeck, (etc.) end-to-end workflow.
    • Working stack: Oracle OCI, Chef, Oracle Linux, Nginx, Apache, Tomcat. Jenkins, Artifactory, Ruby,, Java,, Git, Openstack

    03/2015-04/2017: Webtrends, a marketing metrics company

    Senior Systems Engineer
    • Internal DevOps and support for programming and operations teams
    • Debugged and maintained VMWare/Chef, Docker systems builds
    • Structured release process to mange ~160 builds with ~20 targets across Linux and Ubuntu deployments 
    • Took lead on Deployability group to have centralized DevOps related process management for ~100 developers
    • Working stack: Cobbler, Chef, Ubuntu/Win2K, Nginx, Apache, Tomcat. Jenkins, Teamcity, Artifactory,  Ruby, Java, Javascript, Git, AWS, VMWare, Openstack

    04/2014-10/2014: Renewable Funding , a green industry financial platform company 

    DevOps/Release Engineer
    • Internal DevOps and support for programming team
    • Debugged and maintained PXE and Puppet systems builds
    • Streamlined and improved release process to increase product turnaround times without sacrificing quality (went from 1 deploy a week to 10 in a day)
    • Took lead on re-documetning tribal knowledge into repeatable, scriptable, routines
    • Working stack: Cobbler/PXE, CentOS, Nginx, Thin, Ruby, Git, AWS, Puppet

    07/2013-09/2013: Appfog.com, a multiple data center, and numerous applications (400K+ apps, 100K+ devs), cloud company.

    Contract Devops Engineer
    • Responsible for maintaining and building linux app nodes, service nodes, SSL termination nodes
    • Rode support queue to co-ordinate issues among disparate teams
    • Debugged and maintained build-out images and deployment scripts across multiple cloud vendor platforms
    • Working stack: Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, Ruby, Node, Java, Git, CloudFoundry, AWS, Chef

    06/2012-05/2013: Agilyx, a plastics recycling engineering company

    Contract SQL Applications Engineer
    • Responsible for maintaining and building linux systems, reporting applications, DB systems
    • Maintained SCADA-to-centralized-data reporting workflow to handle severe amounts of data processing
    • Implemented standardizedsystems build scripts, version tracking, machine management
    • Rescued near-abandoned codebase and and created public release in <3 months, with releases every 2 months after
    • Working stack: SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server), Apache, PHP,MySQL, SVN, AutoDesk Vault, Virtualbox

    02/2012-05/2012: careinnovations.com, a GE/Intel health products company

    Contract Systems Programming
    • Responsible for systems builds
    • Managed systems for daily compiles and builds, wikis, and QA testing platforms
    • Working stack: Arch Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Jenkins, Java, PHP, Android, Mediawiki, MySQL

    02/2011-02/2012: getclicky.com, an internet analytics company

    Contract Systems Programming
    • Implemented and maintained numerous metrics and tracking systems
    • Assisted on build-out for new systems architecture for auto-imaging, testing, virtualization, testing, and deployment
    • Ran numerous testing setups to ensure smooth scaling (across ~430,000 websites of continuous data) for new features
    • Working stack: Debian, KVM, OpenVZ, Zabbix, Nagios, PXE, PHP, Perl, bash, Apache, nginx, MySQL, pivotal, qmail

    03/2009-01/2011: G5platform.com, an internet and offline marketing company

    Contract Software Engineer
    • Implemented and maintained company-wide documentation, bringing together numerous existing systems into a single, central, mediawiki-based system.
    • Created automated web ranking systems to instantly provide and analyze data spanning 3,000 URL's, replacing 640 man hours per quarter with instant results.
    • Created ad-hoc scripts for multiple departments to reduce/eliminate manual data entry, analysis, and lookups, saving tens to hundreds of hours (depending on script) per quarter.
    • Working stack: Debian, Ubuntu, Xen, Nagios, Apache, nginx, Perl, PHP, ruby, bash, MySQL, sendmail
    06/2006-06/2009: Promopeddler.com, a promotional products sales/distribution company

    Senior Web Developer, QA Manager, Systems Administration, Networking
    • Architected multiple fully redundant, fault tolerant server and network systems that reduced downtime. We reduced 20 days a year of unscheduled downtime to 0.08 seconds of transparent fail over (no "user experienced" downtime, using mod_proxy, drbd, and concurrent networks) a month, recovering an estimated $1,600,000 (per year) in previously lost sales and productivity, using a $200,000 budget.
    • Managed code/bug/feature review for refactoring a 12 developer, constantly re-patched, E-commerce solution into a modern, scalable, custom work flow (a ground-up rebuild).
    • Implemented code tracking, task tracking, bug tracking, system monitoring, procedure and documentation systems.
    • Refactored and tuned a 7-day PHP/bash data load process (for a 300K+ item catalog) into a 3 hour PHP/bash job.
    • Working stack: RHEL, CentOS, Xen, Nagios, PHP, Perl, bash, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, sendmail, DRBD. RHN/Satellite
    11/2001-06/2006: Ronin Professional Consulting L.L.C. , an IT consulting company, targeting directories, graphics industries, franchising companies, national/infrastructure security, networking

    Systems Administration, Security Research, Web Developer, DBA, Consultant
    • Member of a 24/7 "Zero-Day" solutions team, to find, research, profile, and (if feasible) detect all new major computer security network-related risks that threatened national, corporate, or other major assets and infrastructure, providing research results, and detection solutions, within a 24-hour sliding window of threat notification.
    • Designed and implemented directory system encompassing 200+ offices, 30K+ users, with A/B testing for different solutions.
    • Created meta-cart system to replace numerous ad-hoc cart systems, with non-sophisticated user input interfaces for non-expert users to manage their cart systems.
    • Led a small team of employees for an IT migration of both core, and edge, systems in a 3-day window, for a multi-site corporation, from Tucson, AZ to Salt Lake City, UT, with up to 24 hours of maximum allowed downtime, 8 hours was the final downtime result.
    • Transitioned companies (as needed) from blind-write databases to ACID-compliant database systems.
    • Working stack: RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Slackware, FreeBSD, Solaris, SunOS, IOS, openldap, Nagios, PHP, Perl, bash, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, sendmail, qmail, postfix, Snort, Nessus, etc.

    Professional Affiliations, Clubs, and Groups

    PHP-DEV, PHP-DOC, Portland Linux Users Group

    Volunteer Work and Related Personal Hobbies

    PHP documentation author and maintainer
    Wikipedia editor/contributor
    Published electronic musician (4 CDs, appeared on 30+ albums)
    Volunteer IT and support staff for non-profits