Ahoj, human of the world!

The world is a big place. It is so big that we lack imagination to understand the vastness that lies around us - to have a peek at that just read the first chapter of A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. I fully understand that I am just a pixel in this vast Universe, but if this pixel is capable of creating something, like some personal micro-universe consisting of a web of personal information links and connections, than I am happy to do that just for the sake of being able to do so - just imagine what we humans are capable off! 99,999...% of all species that lived on this planet weren't able to do that - so our quest for knowledge and our consiousness are truly something special.

My name is Romuald Bokej (aka Sigurdas) and this is my attempt to create my personal micro-universe on web. You might find it useless or useful, all depending on what you are searching for - but I did not create this for you in the first place, nor for myself. It exists here because I could do it.


  • Studying Environment and Development programme at Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. 
  • Working as a social educator at Mora Parks Läkepedagogiska Institut, Järna, Sweden. 

Projects and organizations

Projects and organizations I am involved in:
  • Animal Rights Lithuania - have started this group/organization back in 2002, and still somewhat active there, working mostly with organizational and administrative tasks. Connected project: Vegan.lt, a Lithuanian website/blog on vegan lifestyle - I serve there as chief editor.
Less active now, or abandoned:
  • Swedish Food and Environment Information - have been involved in setting up street stalls and promoting the meat-free world message.
  • Hospitality Club - former spam-checker.
  • BeWelcome - worked with translations.
  • Gröna Oasen - helped to start and run this veggie café in Järna; worked mostly with marketing.
  • Gyventi Sąmoningai (Living Consciously) - author and chief editor. This is a Lithuanian blog on environmental activism, human/animal rights, direct action, veganism, etc.


Editing Lithuanian Wikipedia, VeganWiki (admin) and TrashWiki (admin). Sometimes add a thing or two to HitchWiki (admin), English Wikipedia and Swedish Wikipedia.


Hospitaity exchange plays an important role in my life. I hosted and have been hosted by hundreds of members of following three hospex networks:

Social networks and such

Anything else?

  • I do genealogical research of Kalla and Bokej family lines.
  • Long time ago I taught myself some basic HTML and since then developed a taste for setting up and tech-supporting websites (like sacredspine.se).
  • I enjoy basketball and, of course, running (best official results as of 2016: 10 km - 00:48:04; half marathon (21 km) - 1.48.28).
  • Long-time vegan.
  • For some years survived as a traveling busker.
  • Languages are fun! I enjoy talking in English, German, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Lithuanian + trying to understand or be understood in Spanish and Slovak.
  • Fond of Arctic nature, travelled above Arctic circle many times.
  • Trying to consume as little as possible, mostly second-hand and organic.
  • Music is good for our brain and for the development of creativeness and much more! I totally enjoy playing piano, guitar and accordion.
  • Avoiding flying because of environmental concerns. Preferring public transportation and biking instead of car driving.
  • Not smoking, not drinking any alcohol at any time.
  • Not liking: homophobia and nationalism. World without national borders and fear might do humankind a favor.
  • Drawing once in a while. Here are some works.
  • My political views are not restricted to those of one political party, but I usually do favourite Greens.
    May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts and actions of my life contribute, in some way, to that happiness and that freedom for all.