Here is a humble profile of Romuald Bokej (also called Sigurdas). Since I have nothing to hide from the world (I believe in openness and sincerity), here is a résumé page of nearly all my activities, both online and out there, in the "real world".

I hope you won't abuse this info. :) Peace and love!


  • Studying Environment and Development programme at Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden. 
  • Working as a social educator at Mora Parks Läkepedagogiska Institut, Järna, Sweden. 
  • I am also a co-owner of a vegan rawfood café "Gröna Oasen" in Järna, Sweden.


  • Vegan.lt - author and chief editor. A Lithuanian website/blog on vegan lifestyle. Several authors.
  • Gyventi Sąmoningai (Living Consciously) - author and chief editor. This is a Lithuanian blog on environmental activism, human/animal rights, direct action, veganism, etc. Several authors. 


Editing Lithuanian Wikipedia, VeganWiki (admin) and TrashWiki (admin). Sometimes add a thing or two to HitchWiki (admin), English Wikipedia and Swedish Wikipedia.


Hospitaity exchange plays an important role in my life. I hosted and have been hosted by hundreds of members of following three hospex networks:

Projects and organizations

Projects and organizations I am involved in:
Less active now:

Social networks and such

Anything else?

  • I like running (best official results as of 2014: 10 km - 00:48:04; half marathon (21 km) - 1.48.28), strength training, and basketball.
  • Long-time vegan
  • For some years survived as a traveling busker
  • Speaking 6+ languages (English, German, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Lithuanian + bits of Spanish and Slovak)
  • Fond of Arctic nature, travelled above Arctic circle many times
  • Trying to consume as little as possible, mostly second-hand and ecological
  • Playing piano, Spanish guitar and accordion
  • Avoiding flying because of environmental concerns. Preferring public transportation and biking to car driving.
  • Not smoking, not drinking any alcohol at any time
  • Not liking: homophobia and nationalism
  • Drawing once in a while. Here are some works.
  • My political views are not restricted to those of one political party, but I usually do favourite Greens.
    May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts and actions of my life contribute, in some way, to that happiness and that freedom for all.