Ahoj, human of the world! The world is a big place. It is so big that we lack imagination to understand the vastness that lies around us - to have a peek at that just read the first chapter of A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. I fully understand that I am just a pixel in this vast Universe, but if this pixel is capable of creating something, like some personal micro-universe consisting of a web of personal information links and connections, than I am happy to do that just for the sake of being able to do so - just imagine what we humans are capable of, whoa! 99,999...% of all species that lived on this planet weren't able to do that - so our quest for knowledge and our consiousness are truly something special.

My name is Romuald Bokej (aka Sigurdas) and this is my attempt to create my personal micro-universe on web. You might find it useless or useful, all depending on what you are searching for - but I did not create this for you in the first place, nor for myself. It exists here simply because I could do that.



  • Environmental Science, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden (ongoing)
  • I have happened to study (briefly) some other subjects previously as well, such as social pedagogics, web programming and construction engineering.


Projects, organizations, ventures


#Animal Rights Lithuania / Vegan.lt #Wisdoms of a Self-Proclaimed Guru

Not active / obsolete:

#Swedish Food and Environment Information #Hospitality Club (spam-checker) #BeWelcome (LT translations) #Gröna Oasen (veg café) #Gyventi Sąmoningai

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#LT Wikipedia #VeganWiki (admin) #TrashWiki (admin) #HitchWiki (admin) #ENG Wikipedia #SWE Wikipedia #Wikimedia Commons #GoodReads (librarian)

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#BeWelcome #TrustRoots #Hospitality Club #CouchSurfing #MySpace #YouTube

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#sacredspine.se #vegan.lt

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