Additional notes for entrants  

About the club
Romsey Garden Club is open to all, not just residents of Romsey, and is a very informal group of keen, but not necessarily skilled, gardeners.  We aim to be very welcoming, and sharing knowledge, skills, tools and plants are more important to us than competing against each other.

About the Show
We are holding the show later than usual, so you may find some of your flowers are past their best, but you will have more fruits available, so we are hoping for a good entry in the fruit juices scetion.

Photographic competition
This is a change from previous years.  We are looking for pictures and optionally text, showing your garden, allotment, window box, pots on your window sill, your greenhouse, potting shed, terrarium or jamjar, or any other sort of garden that I have not yet thought of.  Entries should be attached to, or printed on a single sheet of A4.  You may like to include your name, but please do not include your address or other identifying features, so that the information cannot be misused.  We would like to publish entries on the club’s website, but you may, of course, refuse permission for this.  The garden does not have to be in Romsey, and may be family garden or a garden belonging to a society.  Though an entry must be submitted on one sheet of A4, you may enter more than once, but not a series of related prints.  

The judges will be looking for pictures that show your pleasure and creativeness in gardening, rather than for the technical merits of the photographs of the garden.  Open to all ages, and it may be a family entry.  There will be a prize, but it won’t amount to much.

Notes on the presentation of entries

We provide the plates for people to lay out their exhibits. For the wine/juice section we  ask for the exhibitor to bring a wine glass. Makes it very easy for the judge and for us.

New season’s programme
We meet on (usually) the second Tuesday in the month at Ross Street Community Centre.  The first meeting will be on 13 September 2011, when we shall hold our Annual General Meeting, when members can tell the committee what they should have done, and the committee can invite members to join them.  We meet at 7.30pm, but the hall opens a little earlier, and members often like to get together to talk to each other.

Here you will find more information about the club and about the show.
Our email address is: romseygardenclub@gmail.com