Coleridge Road Corner

The corner of Coleridge Road and Mill Road is a busy junction.  When working there, it is not a peaceful idyll away from the madding crowd, but a thronging buzz of cars and the sometimes the heavy beat of the favoured music of the day.  There are many pedestrians too, who are usually complimentary about the effort, if not also the effect, of the work being done.

Before we started, the ground was downtrodden at the edges, with many weeds- including the ubiquitous bindweed and no flowers.  The aim is to get a variety of plants, so we will have a mixture of perennial, annual, pretty, aromatic, short and tall to make it an attractive area.

Steve was inspired by an idea that had worked in Birmingham, of growing fruit and vegetables and allowing others to help themselves.  I am not so sure this will work on this corner, as plants are being trodden on and pulled up even without a "help yourself" sign.

Several plants were donated to get us started.  We have since bought more plants and most importantly (to me) a wheelbarrow.  This wheelbarrow has allowed me to carry watering cans and bottles of water to keep the plants from getting too thirsty while they become established.  It is still looking a bit sparsely populated, but I can put in more cuttings and given time it will fill out.

It would be lovely if everyone could keep an eye out for any vandalism and let the club know, so we can make repairs as soon as possible.

Caroline Jones