Version 1.1.1 - Download 

 Stake is a level editor for the NES game, Castlevania. Stake has the following features:

- Graphics are read from the ROM.
- Full level editing of all levels in the ROM.
- TSA editing
- Level palette editing
- Stairs editing
- Doors editing
- Entrances editing
- Basic enemy editing
- Global Enemy Data editing
- Basic 8x8 Tile Editor.
- Hidden items editing
- Title Screen Editor
- Stage properties editor
- Sound effect enabler/disabler
- Some basic ROM patches to change Castlevania in minor ways
- Some minor statistics can be altered
- Character Damage Editor
- Music Pointer Editor
- Castle Intro Editor
- Ending Editor + Ending Text Editor
- Floating Platforms Editing
- Spike Crusher Editing
- Non-standard door editing