Good resource sites for Age of Mythology, or just sites that I like and think you should know about.


Age of Mythology Heaven-A very good site for a beginner.  That is where I got my first help from.  Good community, lots to do and Heaven games covers a lot of other games, so there might be a "Heaven" for a different game you play.

Age Sanctuary-This is absolutely the best place for recorded games.  Many of the experts currently playing Age of Mythology go there and post their games, so you can learn from the best.  I personally believe that you should go to that site once you get better, because mainly 1700+ people go there.

Wikipedia-A great informational site.  Ran by anyone who wants to input information.  This means lots of information on almost anything, but also some false statements and information.  However, don't let that deter you, as it is still a great site to quickly look up something.

Miniclip-You can't always play Age of Mythology.  There are some great games available to play there.

Uncyclopedia-A rip off of Wikipedia only very funny.  Go here for a good laugh.  And like Wikipedia, it has an article on almost everything.

Age of Mythology Stats-There are several places to do this, I use Die Ohne Clan for ESO stats.   

Forums-Forums for this site (in case if you missed them on the main page).  Please sign up there and at the very least, give me feedback on this site.  I want brutal honesty, so fire away...please!

Hey, maybe you aren't looking for Greek help.  Well, Pdroo, from Age of Mythology Heaven has made several sites to help with some of the Major gods:



Mini AOM:Isis