Build Orders

Here are build orders for all 3 Greek Gods.


Build Orders for all 3 Greek gods are the same.  If Zeus can do a build order, then Hades or Poseidon can do it to.  So with that, assume all build orders I give you are standard for each god.  These build orders are only for Archaic age as after that, you will just have to practice at knowing where to put villagers. 

These Build Orders are not panaceas.  It will take your own time and practice to perfect a certain build for a certain strategies.  These are only rough outlines for a build order. 

Standard Land Map Build Orders. 

7-4-4 Build

(This build is used for a stronger economy.  It produces about a 5:30 advance time. )

With your starting 3 villagers, put them on preferably hunt.  If you can't find any, put them on the chickens or berries in your Town Center line of sight.  



9=Build house then gold


13-15=A different food source from your first 7 villagers.

16=Build house and then temple

17=Wood or Temple to pray

18-20/21/22=These last few villagers are really up to your discretion where to put them.  It all depend on your strategy and opponent.  If your going for a Fast Heroic, having 22 villagers in archaic would be a good idea.  If your versing an Egyptian, where you know you can advance later most  of the time, you can have 22 villagers in archaic.  If you are doing a Minotaur/hoplite combo, you will need a lot of food, so put the last few on food.  So put your villagers where you will be needing the resources the most in the Classic Age.


These build orders are used for faster advances as it enables you to build your temple a lot sooner.  They are generally used against rushing gods.  These produce about a 5 minute plus or minus 15 seconds advance times

6-3-3 Build                                                                                                                                                 

Starting 3 villagers go to food.                   




8=Build house, then gold


10-11=New Food source




16=Build house, then put where you see fit



First 3 villagers to food.





12=Build house, then gold


16=Build Temple 

17/18=Wherever you will be needing resources the most in Classical age


Centaur Rush

This is the fastest build order the Greeks have.  This is specifically for Zeus and Poseidon.  Sorry Hades.  this produces a 3:40-4:10 advance time.

First 3 villagers to food.


7=Build house, then temple

8-11=Food.  Stop making villagers until you can advance.  Once you can advance, move 1 villager to the temple to pray, and move 9 to wood.  So you have 9 on wood, 3 on food and 2 praying

For more in depth detail on what to do next, go check out the Zeus Strategy section

Villager Rush

Same build order as above...but in case you forgot:

First 3 villagers to food


7=Go to a forward site and build your temple.

8=House then food

9-12/13=Put on food till you can advance.


For more in depth detail on what to do next, go check out the General Strategy section

Fast Mythic

First 3 villagers to food.



9=Build a house, then gold


13-17=Food.  You will have a lot of villagers on food (preferabbly hunting), so divide them up at different sites to gather food.  

18=Build a temple, then wall up small entrances around your base.  After walling, go back to temple

19=Build house, and help wall up around base.  Then go back to temple

20-22=Gold/Hero.  If you feel like you will be under pressure, build a hero instead of the 3 villagers.  If you feel you can make without, get the three villagers.


For more in depth detail on what to do next, go check out the General Strategy section. 

Or for a more Zeus orientated help, go to the Zeus strategy guide secton