“Tutti Fratelli” Group
 Who are we? 

We are a group of Religious Brothers resident in Rome, representatives of various Institutes, who since 2010 have been meeting to exchange experiences and promote some common initiatives.
Our first initiative was a formation program in 2012 for Religious Brothers from eight Institutes dedicated to education. 

We continued meeting regularly to share our initiatives, especially related to formation.
In occasion of a first gathering for Religious Brothers resident in Rome held in 2015, we open the group to all Religious Brothers Institutes and for some activities to Institutes with both Brothers and Priests. 
At the present, “Tutti Fratelli” (All Brothers) group gathers Brothers from eleven religious Congregations: 

  • St. John of God Brothers
  • Holy Family Brothers
  • Brothers of Christian Instruction (La Mennais) 
  • Marist Brothers
  • Saint Gabriel Brothers
  • Brothers of Charity
  • Brothers of the Christian Schools
  • Christian Brothers
  • Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy
  • Sacred Heart Brothers
  • Comboni Missionaries

We are linked with other Congregations:

  • Brothers of St. Aloysius Gonzaga 
  • Frères Missionnaires des Campagnes
  • Fratelli di San Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo
  • Little Brothers of Jesus
  • Brothers of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy
  • Presentation Brothers

And we are all brothers!

Fraternity among Congregations of Religious Brothers

The Generalate of the De La Salle Brothers in Rome has hosted on the afternoon of Saturday 26th of November, the Second Meeting of religious brothers organized by the group Tutti Fratell. A total of 112 Brothers residing in Rome, belonging to 19 Congregations, gathered to live and celebrate brotherhood as one of the most characteristic features of this consecrated way of life.

With these meetings, which have now become an annual event, we want to promote intercongregational contact and communion in the Church. On this occasion we have been supported by the presence of 14 Superiors General of Brothers’ Congregations.

The meeting focused on the closing of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, and in particular the reflection dealt with the theme: "Brothers, signs of mercy." The programme included several testimonies of mercy lived in mission and community life, as well as mercy with oneself, an aspect that underlines the need to accept and live reconciled with one's own weakness. After this the Brothers to get to know each other and to think about the ways to live mercy as visible signs of the face of brother Jesus in the world today.

One of the most intense moments was experienced in the celebration of the Word before the Tabernacle and the tomb of St. John Baptist Lasalle, in the house church. The gospel of the washing of his disciples’ feet by Jesus illuminated the vocation of the Brother, who lives service in the multiple needs of human beings, trying to establish a close relationship between God and people in the very interior of humanity, where God has wanted to be present. It concluded with a dinner in which there was opportunity to share conversation and to fraternize with all.

The document "Identity and mission of the religious brother in the Church", published by CICLSAL a year ago, has been made present several times. Sometimes by reading some of his paragraphs and others with loose phrases that are becoming common language of the Brothers. Next December 14th will be one year since the publication of this document that underlines the characteristics more typical of the vocation of the religious brother in the Church.

An atmosphere of joy reigned at all times and this helped all of those present to experience some of the most characteristic aspects of the Brothers such as simplicity, relationships of horizontality, communion in the Church, integration between sacredness and secularity and especially brotherhood, because all have understood that the vocation of the brother is part of the response that God gives to the lack of brotherhood that today wounds the world. The Gospel phrase "You, however, do not let yourself be called a teacher, because God is your teacher, and you are all brothers", was experienced in the atmosphere of this meeting. 

Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church
 Resources for a Deeper Understanding of the Document 

“Tutti Fratelli” is a group of Brothers from various Congregations of Religious Brothers which meets on a regular basis in Rome to deepen our shared identity as religious brothers and to offer ideas which can help us all to grow in our vocational journey.

We would like to take advantage of the recent publication of the document “Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church” to put before you a series of resources that can easily be used in your communities.

*    Objectives:

•    Deepen the personal and communal understanding of the document and its challenges regarding our identity as religious brothers.
•    Interiorize the document from our experience of God, from a stance of faith. 
•    Encourage our exploration of our being brother and the story of our vocation as a “history of grace and salvation”.
•    Provide for our Brothers, communities and the people connected with us the possibility of gathering, sharing our vocational stories, deepening our identity in our vocation as religious brothers and praying together.

*    Methodology:

  • Integrative.
  • Participative.
  • Deepening.
  • Dynamic and creative.


  • All of the materials are offered in five languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese.
  • The first three resources are provided in Word format so that they can be adapted to the needs of each local context (images, songs, prayers…).
  • We have chosen to offer several alternatives, thinking that it is more practical to cut some elements rather than having to add other materials.
  • To access each element, just “click” on the name of that resource.

* Resources:
1.    Guide for a series of three community meetings. 
This resource offers a pathway towards deepening our understanding of the document in three parts:
  • Brotherhood, the gift we receive
  • Brotherhood, the gift we share and give to others.
  • Being Brother today, a story of grace.
Included in this series are a gathering of celebration, as well as suggestions for going deeper and for times of sharing.

2.    Guide for one community meeting.
This resource contains a layout of a community meeting with an initial motivational dynamic, a time of prayer, suggestions for a time of deepening and a gathering to share.

3.    Guide for a community retreat.
We offer you an opportunity to bring the time of reflection and deepening to a close with a day-long experience of prayer and celebration. This includes the opening motivational dynamic, meditations for the morning, afternoon and evening and suggestions for a Eucharist and evening prayer.

4.    Guide for an open gathering.

This document offers suggestions and materials for a gathering of people connected with the community with the aim of sharing with them an experience of brotherhood.

5.    Document: “Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church”.
Published in Rome by CICLSAL in October 2015.

6.    Images and  Banners.

We are providing a series of four images inspired by the content of the document. The images are available in high resolution for banners and in low resolution for printing. Some also have a blank margin beneath the image where a personalised message can be added.

EN - Being Brother - Guides

EN - Being Brother - Banners

EN - Being Brother - Songs

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