This congress is intended to discuss the most recent state of the art in the field of water under extreme conditions and to identify new strategies for progress.

The topics that will be treated include supercooled water, superheated water, aqueous solutions, water in confinement and water at interfaces together with the related computational and experimental challenges.

Water is the most important compound in nature and it is characterized by a very complex phase diagram with a large number of different solid structures. It shows many anomalies in all the thermodynamic space. Understanding the behavior of water, in its bulk phase and/or in contact with both inorganic and biological substrates and/or in solutions, is of pivotal importance for a wide range of applications in physics, chemistry and biochemistry.

This congress belongs to a series of meetings that Paola Gallo and Mauro Rovere organized every other year starting in 2009.

The conference flyer can be downloaded here.