Romaric Gaudel

Assistant Professor

romaric.gaudel AT

School: ENSAI

Lab / institut: CREST

External collaborator of LACODAM Inria team at IRISA

In leave of absence fromUniversity: Lille 3Lab / institut: CRIStAL / Inria (Lille - Nord Europe)Team: SequeL (Sequential Learning)

Since 2017, I'm Assistant Professor at ENSAI. I'm doing research in the department of statistic of CREST research center. I'm mostly enjoying playing with bandits and Recommender Systems, and with Machine Learning in general.

In the past:

Look at my resume for more details.



  • Machine Learning
  • (online) Recommender Systems
  • Bandit Theory

Past (but still alive)

  • (online) Matrix Completion
  • Consensus ranking
  • Feature Selection
  • Multiple Instance Learning
  • Phase Transition
  • UCT (Upper Confidence bound Applied to Trees)